Sunday, March 3, 2013

Interview with the Author: Thomas Hay

By Michala T.

So Thomas, please, tell us a bit about yourself!

            I’m married to Karen, the ‘love of my life’. My favorite place in the world is in my bed, fast asleep. It’s where I dream and come up with my imagination. It takes me to places where no man has gone before.  And I really love baseball. It involves a lot of strategy and is unpredictably. Plus, there aren’t many who can hit a good curve ball. I tossed a few at my readers in my story.  

I’ve never been into sports but it helps with I love those mad curve balls! I watch the Yankees with my husband every year. J Where did you find the inspiration for your most recent book?

My entire life I had wanted to write a book, but could never find the time or subject. So when I retired, time was no longer an excuse, just a subject. My wife finally put a bug in my ear and made it as clear as a bell. She suggested I write my memoirs, since I had had an intriguing and entertaining life. (Those were her words).  I started writing in 2009  by hand on notebook paper. After about fifty pages and fifty miles of disorganization, I became convinced to get a computer. But, then the computer and I had issues. But the more familiar I got with it, the friendlier it became.  It still took me two years, but I finally published “The Comeback Kid, the Memoirs of Thomas L. Hay”.  Chronicling an entire life span gave me a whirlwind of emotions and memories I hadn’t experienced in years.  After the process, it occurred to me that I might have some mysterious phenomenon buried within my subconscious. My first wife had claimed that we had been abducted (by aliens) during our short marriage. She discovered the abductions after we had separated. She had adopted an ascetic lifestyle that caused her implanted memory blocks to melt. At the time, I didn’t believe her. I was too devastated by the divorce and thought her to be just another UFO “ wacko”. But after writing my memoirs, I had to ask myself “What if she was right”? So I adopted her ascetic lifestyle for awhile. O-M-G. I discovered another life. I had to rewrite my memoirs.  Behold “An Abduction Revelation: The Comeback Kid Returns”.  

That’s just…bizarre! LOL  Although this was your ‘memoir’ did you have any favorite characters in your book?

One of the abductors.  (Monroe is what I call ‘it’). Notice, I refer to the main character as an ‘it’, because saying anything else would be a spoiler. ‘It’ hadn’t planned on some abductees learning how to melt their memory blocks.  

I agree Monroe was a very unique character in your book…very unique in deed. So has becoming an author changed you in any way?

I suppose you should ask my wife that question. I know I spend a lot more time on the computer. 

LOL Yes, writing does tend to give you hermit like characteristics and who would know you better than your wife. J Do you have any specific goals for your future? 

To finish the third installment of ‘The Comeback Kid’. Yes, it has turned into a trilogy. The first book, “The Comeback Kid, the Memoirs of Thomas L. Hay”  is my story with the memory blocks  installed.  “An Abduction Revelation: The Comeback Kid Returns” is my story after melting the memory blocks. Both stories stand alone.  A reader can read the second book without having to read the first.   

Well, it has been an honor to meet  with you and your story was just a delight to read. I wish you all the best with your third book and can’t wait to see what’s in store!

As always, I like to end the interview with the


What is the best age to be?

32. Not so immature, yet not so wise. It’s also the age when you’re old enough to know better and too young to care.

What did you do last Halloween?

I dressed up as the Grim Reaper and scared all the tick or treat’ers that came to the house. I sat on the porch like a dummy. I had one kid who even stuck his finger in my mouth. I don’t think he/she will ever do that again without wearing a diaper.

What is in your pocket right now?

My robe doesn’t have pockets.  

ROFL…Alright readers…check out Mr. Hay’s HOTSPOTS

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