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Interveiw w/the Author: Hazel Osmond

Let's Meet Hazel Osmond!!!

Well, let’s share some truths…and a lie.

I’m allergic to tennis balls
I have played the part of Helen of Troy at the Edinburgh Fringe
I once took some clothing back to a department store in a bag, to get a refund, not knowing  my husband had used the bag to cut his toenails in.

Oh my…I wouldn’t dare think number 3 is a lie. It’s way too crazy to be a lie. I think being allergic to tennis balls is the lie. We shall see. So tell us a bit about yourself.
I’ve been married for 29 years! My favorite place would be the beach– many beautiful ones I can think of but my favorite one is in Northumberland where I live. It’s called Low Newton and I set two of the pivotal scenes in my second book there. My favorite author- it does change a bit. At the moment I’d say Elizabeth Taylor (not the actressy one). I was probably about 18 when I first knew I wanted to be a writer. I took a wrong turn though and didn’t get writing books and short stories until I was 45. My favorite holiday so far, technically isn’t a holiday but it was for me was the time we went to Japan. I cried when I got on the flight home. It was beautiful and mad and friendly in equal measure. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Moore, an English teacher in secondary school. She was so enthusiastic about literature and poetry and a real stickler for good grammar. One of the reasons I’m a writer today.

I’d cry if I had to leave a place I loved visiting as well. Coming home can be the worst…especially all the unpacking! So what do you think was the most difficult task for you while writing this book?
 ‘Who’s Afraid of Mr Wolfe?’ was my first book so there were loads of things – but I think the major one was to learn how to look at your writing objectively and let things go if they don’t work.

Oh that’s definitely a good one. Letting go of things, especially when you’ve invested so much time into it is daunting. Do you remember where you were or what you were doing when you first conceived the idea for your novel?
I was thinking about tough people and how they actually can be hiding lots of things under that shell. That’s when Jack Wolfe popped into my head, complete with tough sounding name. I was probably day-dreaming while doing something mundane – but that’s when all my best ideas come to me.

Daydreaming, and dreaming too, can bring on the best ideas, don’t you think! Do you have a writing schedule?
When I’m a while away from my deadline, I mess around doing research and going out for coffee with friends, etc.  Nearer my deadline, I’m working all day when the girls are at school, then into the night and I wake up thinking about the book. I need to submerge myself in it to write it.

No interruptions please!  Haha. There has to be something you enjoy doing when you aren’t writing. What would that be?
I’m a keen actor and I love going to see other people act too – so theatre is a big part of my life. Also like hill walking in the countryside around where I live and along the coast.

 OMG…I love the theatre. I find even things I normally wouldn’t be interested in reading maybe…if its done as a play I love it. Maybe it is the people behind the acting. Do you have any suggestions to other writers?
Keep going – try to believe in yourself but also find a kind and objective person who will read your work and give you objective feedback. Anyone too brutal will crush your belief; anyone too kind will just tell you what you want to hear.

Awesome advice. Objective feedback is detrimental before you put that book out there for the world to see, whether professional or friendly…get some! Do you think there is one element more important over others?
I’m going to say two things – believable characters who you may not like all the time but who you empathize with and the ability to know when to linger and when to move the story along.

Characters and Discernment in pace…quite good advice I think! Wow, you’re definitely full of a wealth of information. We are so honored to have you around here and sharing yourself with our readers. And thank you for letting us into your personal life just a bit. Before we leave…you must suffer through our
                                                        Rapid Answer Zone

What were the last three songs you listened to?
Thrift Shop by Macklemore and Ryan
Because the Night by Bruce Springsteen
Flaws by Bastille.

Who did you last call?
My sister. Because she’s my sister!!

What is the best age to be?
Twenty five year old body, fifty year’s of knowledge!

What is the name of your car?
Darcy – because of the letters that just happened to be on the numberplate. He is very handsome though.

Best fictional character?
Jonathan Strange in Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
Laughing…Darcy…is a male? Hehe. Alright, which of the above did you lie about?
I’m not allergic to tennis balls. I just hate the feel of them.

AH-HA!!! I was right!!!! Wow, you really did take a bag of toenails….okay..ending that thought here. :P Teasing ya!  You’ve been awesome Girl!!!


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  1. Thank you so much for having me on your site. Great questions from you. xxx Hazel