Saturday, March 30, 2013

Doctor Who Tidbits: 50th Anniversary

By: William G. Muir
So today I learn that both David Tennant and Billie Piper are going to appearing in the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who. Really? In the shows 50 year run on television you thought it was best to bring back Rose Tyler? Really? I thought we had finally gotten rid of Rose when Russell T. Davies left the show.

I am tired of having this character rammed down my throat. Don't get me wrong at first I liked Rose, that was until R.T.D. ruined her. I am sorry, a person who doesn't have an education beyond high school doesn't gain the kind of knowledge that Rose did during her time on the show. She came to know more about the workings of the universe that scientist that have spent their whole lives studying the cosmos.

I also blame Rose for Martha Jones never catching on as a character. I loved Martha but she never could gain any traction as a companion because we had to have the Doctor going all emo and pining over Rose. Almost every episode we had to hear about how the Doctor missed Rose. That is not Doctor Who. The Doctor is an alien and never once in his nine previous incarnation spend an entire season morning the lose of a companion. Hell Adric, who very close to the Doctor (both the 4th and 5th), died and the Doctor quickly moved passed that lose.

Why the hell did Rose, a person in an parallel universe have to come back to this universe to fight whatever was happening in her universe? That just doesn't make one bit of sense. It was already established that the universes where cutoff from each other. So how could what was happening in one universe have any effect in another. By the show's own rules it can't. This was nothing more than lazy story telling by R.T.D. to shove Rose Tyler down our throat for another season.  

Like I said Russell T. Davies ruined the character of Rose. In her final season she became too clingy. She became jealous of anybody that the Doctor paid the slightest bit of attention to, i.e. Sarah Jane Smith in School Reunion. She was nothing more than a young girl looking for the father she never had. That is what you are seeing in her feelings for the Doctor.

Plus I never cared for how she treated Micky. Micky was in love with her and she just left him to go off traveling with a stranger. Fine if Micky meant that little to her she shouldn't have stayed with him. But it wasn't fair to him, as a person, for her to keep calling him every time she was in a jam. That is just teasing him, she played with his emotion. And you people that like Rose Tyler gave her a pass on this.

No I am not excited to hear that Rose is coming back for the 50th anniversary episode. As a fan of the classic show, as well as the new show, I would rather have seen them bring back some classic characters. Ones we have not seen since the original show went off the air. I would much rather known what happened to his granddaughter Susan then to see Rose Tyler again.

And mark my word if they do not bring back any of the Doctor, four thru nine, I will be pissed. This is Doctor Who after all, and not the Rose Tyler show.

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