Monday, March 25, 2013

Do You Ever Wish...

By JccKeith

Do you ever just wish you could smack the crap out of someone and scream, "SNAP OUT OF IT!"

Unfortunately, I have that feeling quite a bit.  Over the last couple of days, I've felt that way about one person in particular.  Me.

Maybe it's the fact that winter has returned even though it is supposed to be spring.  Maybe it's lack of sleep.  Maybe it's lack of alcohol.  Or maybe, just maybe it's just me.  I'm just not feeling it.

What is it?  Inspiration.  Motivation.  Determination.  Any of those three or all three combined are what I lack right now.  I've tried to talk myself into ideas.  I've tried to type myself into ideas.  I've tried sleeping on it.  I've tried meditating on it.  I've watched all my favorite shows and even a few not so favorite shows.

I've even been watching Say Yes to the Dress.  It's that show about women picking out their wedding gown.  They are seeking "The One" dress.  It's kind of like the one ring to rule them all concept.  Some demon designer somewhere made some dress that costs an unseemly amount of money. The dresses are coveted by all.  They are treated like the most valuable things on Earth.  And when a woman finds 'her dress' she starts going all gollum about it.  It is now "her precious."

Personally, at the end of each episode I feel like someone should go to this wedding dress store and destroy it.  The drama, the extravagant spending of money on one dress and only one dress, the crying, the overall silliness of it all makes me want to grab the dress out of these women's hands and cast them back into the fiery bridal hell from whence they came.

I am also still watching Face Off.  After a recent trip out to a bar, I think too many women are watching Face Off.  Some of the make-up jobs I've seen on women makes me think that they think they are special effects artists.  It almost looked like they had creature effects make-up on with the caked on foundation, eye shadow that could be seen from the moon and lipstick that rivaled that of Bozo the Clown.

Am I being slightly unforgiving?  Yes.  Am I being overly negative?  Yes.  Does that matter?  No.

I just find it unfair that when people lack energy, they can drink a cup of Joe and the caffeine makes them go.  When people feel pain, they pop an Advil and feel better.  When they feel things they don't want to feel, they can drink till they don't feel anymore.  Many of life's little problems have a quick fix.

So why don't they make a motivation drink?  Caffeine does not equal motivation.  Caffeine equals energy.  Having the energy to do things is not equivalent to having the desire to do things.  Caffeine simply helps me accomplish absolutely nothing productive with more energy.

What about creating an inspiration drink?  Other than LSD or other hallucinogenic drugs, I know of no substance which immediately offers creative thinking.  Given the side effects of hallucinogenic drugs, I forsee no circumstances where I will partake of them, so I am left inspirationless.

And that leads me back to my initial question.  Does anyone else ever feel the desire to just give a good old smack and say, "SNAP OUT OF IT!"

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