Friday, February 22, 2013

Site Review:

The Cinema Snob
By William G. Muir
Good evening ladies and gentleman. Tonight we are going to delve in the mind of one Cinema Snob. A man who's whole world revolves around the watching of classic movies. A reviewer that obsesses with breaking down a film frame by frame; getting to the very marrow buried deep within the bone of a movie. For the Cinema Snob the more obscure the movie the better. If you haven't heard of that makes him a happy snob. Foreign films with subtitles are his wife, his mistress and his lover all rolled into a canister of celluloid. And finally black and white films turn him into absolute mad man with a raging hard-on the size of Godzilla towering over Tokyo.

Film Brain
Wait a minute was I talking about the Cinema Snob? You mean that guy on the internet with a bad attitude who does nothing but bitch about films he is supposedly “reviewing.” That's the guy I am reviewing. Why didn't anyone tell me I was doing a whole site review about that guy. If I wanted to...If I wanted to...If I wanted to... Oh just FRACK It!! I would much rather be reviewing Film Brain, Thank You Very Much.

Nostalgia Critic
But seriously readers today I want to take a look at the website The site belongs to Brad Jones a.k.a the Cinema Snob, as well as many other personae. I first became aware of Brad's work during the later part of last year. I had originally discover the Nostalgia Critic (Doug Walker) while clicking around on Youtube for reviews of either the old (when I say old I mean 1980's) Transformers, GIJoes, or He-Man cartoons, and up popped the Nostalgia Critic. Here were movies and tv shows that I remember from my own childhood being reviewed by this one guy. I loved it.

Obscurus Lupa
After watching all the episodes I could find that had been upload to Youtube I began to wonder were there other such review shows on the site. Reviewers that added comedy to take a critical look at the world of entertainment. It didn't take me long to find more such shows. First was Obscurus Lupa (Allison Pregler). She had an odd sense of humor with even odder taste in movies. She has a soft spot for the type of movies that you use to find covered in thick layer of dust at your neighborhood video store back in the day. But hey don't get me wrong I too love a good Bruce Campbell movie.

It only took me a couple Obscurus Lupa videos but there he was. Black suit jacket, black shirt, smug attitude and enough portentousness to asphyxiate a bigfoot. It was then that I realized I had seen this guy before. The guy who was currently sitting on edge of a hotel bed reviewing a movie from the blockbuster ripoff studio the Asylum had also been in a Nostalgia Critic video as well. Back then I had only assumed he was a one character for N.C's review of The Leprechaun. Yet clearly he wasn't because here he was.

After watching the crossover video with Obscurus Lupa and then another one with Film Brain (Mathew Buck) I quickly started searching for other Cinema Snob vidoes. The search led me to the That Guy With The Glasses website were I discovered that the Cinema Snob was actually named Brad Jones and that the Cinema Snob was not the only character he played and that he did more than just reviewing movies.

Rob Robot
I soon learned that Brad Jones had his own website separate from the TGWTG website. Once more I was in for another discovery, Brad not only made internet reviews were he made sarcastic remark about low budgeted horror and exploitation films with the occasional porn movie thrown in for variety. Not only did Brad (as himself) and along with his friends try the oddest foods and beverages from around the globe. Not only did he make a sitcom were he plays a man from the 80's transported into the future with a Nintendo system Rob Robot. This guy writes, directs and films his very own independent films.

This was unbelievable to me. Never before did I realize that none Hollywood people make there own movie. Well that's not quite right, I knew that people outside of Hollywood made movies but some how none of that ever sank in. But here was a guy that loved movies so much that he went into making them for a living. He didn't pack his bags and head out to either coast in hopes of making it big time and making movies for Paramount, Universal or some other big time studio. No he stayed in his Illinois home and shot real movies, in real locations using real people.

I have to say I am impressed. Even if I had to fight down the urge to pitch my cheesy horror movie idea to him.

In the past I have done site reviews of Wil Wheaton's site, That Guy Wirh the Glasses and a couple others. With the exception of TGWTG I had never really spent much time on those other sites. It was always a day or two of browsing over the site to get a feel for the kind of content it contained and then I would rack my brains trying to come up with something to say. But not so for The Cinema Snob website. I have spent many days pouring through the archives. I have yet managed to sift through all the material on the site, but I have come to have my favorite items on there.

80's Dan
By far one of my favorite shows is 80's Dan. It is structured to be an 80's sitcom set in the present day. With all of Dan's references to stuff that took place in the 80's I just can't help but remember how much I loved growing up in the 1980's. Then there are the current movie reviews Brad does with his friends. It's always great when they see a movie they can't stand (which seems to be quite often). At some point I expect that one of them is going to totally lose it and kill all the others they are in the car with. I am looking at you Jake.

So I am going to wrap it up here. But I encourage all our readers to head over to website and check out all the goodies that await you there. This review is the first part in my Cinema Snob weekend. Tomorrow I will be sharing with you an interview I had with Brad and the day after I will be reviewing one of Brad's movies Cheap. Do keep an eye out for that.

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