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Book Review: The Waste Lands by Stephen King

Reviewed by: Michala T.

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The Dark Tow Book III: The Waste Lands is by far one of my favorite books in the entire series. The more I read the more I love the series all over again. This book is terribly hard to put down. Oh how yummy it is. Stephen King goes above and beyond with his creativity in this novel.
The story picks up only five wees after the Drawing of the Three. Roland and his gunslingers, Eddie and Susannah are walking away from the shores we got so used to and into the wooded areas of the Out-World.
With Roland choosing not to pull the Pusher into his world as he was intended to (per the drawing of the tarot cards in book one) he learns there are consequences to not fulfilling the drawings prophesy. He is going insane now because there is a division inside his head. The paradox of allowing Jake to live in his world and forcing him to die in Roland’s world has created a shift in his mind.
Jake is also suffering from the same mind-bending shift and is going crazy in his own world of New York in 1977.

During a conversation where Roland is trying to explain what he is experiencing he gets upset and throws the jawbone of Walter into the fire. It burns and in the fire Eddie sees things that foreshadow what he must do and what all must be done.
Together they all understand that Roland and the boy Jake must find their way back to each other, no matter the cost. And it ends up costing a lot. Just how much, and what…I cannot reveal. No Spoilers! Although I will say they pick up a new member only to lose one. Is it for good? I cannot say.
I can say that the action never slows down and King knows how to increase heightened activities. With drums pelting out ZZ top songs, Nazi airplanes, trains who are intent on suicide, and the Tick-Tock man you will not want to put this book down.
There isn’t a single character left out in this book. You get to know and feel a strong connection with each one of them. It’s amazing how King can allocate so much time and effort on each individual character and still…they are as one ka-tet.

The ending of this novel is just a total WOW. When I read this back in my middle school days, the rest of the series had not been written. I endured years and years of suffering because I never knew how the characters ended up. Fortunately for you…there is no waiting period.

Stay tuned to read my review of King’s next installment of the Dark Tower Series.

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  1. Great review! Definitely my favorite book of the series. The sense of adventure draws you in, makes you want to join in their ka-tet.