Sunday, February 3, 2013

Poll Results and Super Bowl XLVII Predictions

By: William G. Muir
The results are in and I can reveal who the readers believe will be the Super Bowl champs come Monday morning. i was close let me tell you. With a grand total of 5 votes counted.

Milt are you sure that is right 5 votes?

Yes Rory that is correct 5 votes.

Imagine that 5 whole votes, we are popular. So like I was say with Grand Total of five votes cast, I can reveal to you that our readers.

Milt these are our readers right?

Yes Rory, who else readers do you think it would be.

Just checking Milt. With 5 votes, it was very close people. But like I said you all pick San Francisco to win this Super Bowl 3-2. That is 40% of you thought the Ravens would win the Super Bowl while 60%v thought it would be the 49ers.

that wraps up our coverage of the Super Bowl pregame show. For Milt...

Leave me out of this.

...I'm Rory and we want to thank you all for following us and we would like you look for use come NCAA tournament time when we will be making our prediction then. Good night,

Super Bowl Prediction click below.

Once again it is that time of year. The time of year were millions of people all across the country gather together with their family and friends. When they turn on the TV and watch three hours of highly produced commercials. Wait a minute I think I got that wrong. It is the time of year when we ask ourselves one important question. "Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?"

Yes it is that time of year. After 16 weeks were 32 teams slugged it out with each other, Three weeks of the six best teams in each conference fighting to see who would emerge as not only the conference champions, but as their conference representatives in the big game. After two weeks of hype...I mean studying who you will be backing in the big game. It is finally here. The moment we have all been waiting for, who will I chose to back in tonight"s game? Oh yeah and there is the Super Bowl.

This one for me is really a no brainer, I will rooting for the San Francisco 49er's tonight. Growing up the 49er's were the best team in all of football. During the 1980's they were the team to beat. While they only made it to four Super Bowls in that decade (1981, 84, 88, 89) it seemed like they were there every year. And they won, every time they have been in the Super Bowl they left with the Vince Lombardi trophy.

 The 49er's were the team of the 1980's and I hated them. Today I am cool with them.

But the hate I had for them back then does not compare to the extreme dislike I have for the Ravens. Back then I did not like the 49er's because it seemed like everyone and there brother liked them. It seemed like the people I knew in southern Indiana only rooted for San Francisco because they won all the time. You know bandwagon fans.

The Ravens on the other hand I just don't like. I have never really been a fan of theirs. Mainly I don't like them because of one person Ray Lewis. I cannot stand Ray Lewis. I look at him and I see someone that is full of themselves. Sorry I just don't like that. What I also don't like is the term I am going use to describe him, I think he is a thug. He is not a thug in the way we use the word today (which is why I really didn't like using it to describe Ray Lewis) as a gang banger. No when I say thug I mean like the kind of muscle organize crime uses. If he wasn't in football I could see Ray Lewis working as a made man. There is just something in that man's attitude that drives me to dislike him.

So I am going with 49ers to win,


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