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Interview w/the Author: Kate O'Reilley

My Interview with Author of It's Nothing Personal, Kate O'Reilley

First...tell me two truths and one lie!

I once taught aerobics in a thong leotard.
I love sandwiches.
My feet have grown two shoe sizes since my twenties.


I like to get to know the author behind the book so tell us all about yourself. Do you have a favorite food?

If I had to choose just one favorite food, I’d pick cake, with tons of sugary, butter-cream frosting on top.  Really, it’s the frosting I like – the cake is just a platform.  Once, when I was twelve, I shared an entire cake with my cousin.  I ate the top, and he ate the bottom.  It’s a wonderful thing when you find someone who is cake-compatible.   

I’m laughing so hard right now. You remind me of my son. He doesn’t even bother with the cake portion...just licks up the icing. I’m sure plenty of people do this though. Do you have a favorite place in the world?
Hands down – Hawaii.  It is part of my soul.  There is something about the ocean, the sand, and the wonderful people.  When you’re there, it’s impossible not to slow down, let go of your frustrations, and just smile.  We lived on Oahu for three years, and I never stopped loving it.  I can’t wait for the day when we can move back permanently.  Hopefully that day will come sooner, rather than later.

 Water is very important in my life as a writer so I can understand ‘letting go of your frustrations’. I’ve never been to Hawaii though. Maybe soon.  Do you have a favorite book turned movie?
The Descendants by Kaui Hart Hemmings.  Actually, I saw the movie first.  Because of my love for the Hawaiian Islands, I appreciated what a fantastic job Hemmings did in bringing the reality of Hawaii to life.  Watching the movie was a thrill.  There were so many places I recognized.  We vacationed on Kauai and went to Hanalei Bay.  I found the exact cottage where one of the major scenes from the movie was filmed.  Imagine, standing in the same exact place where George Clooney once stood?  George Clooney!
Okay…George Clooney! Sigh….   I’ve not seen that movie, nor read the book.  But it’s on my to-read list for sure!  What is your favorite television show?
Sex and the City.  The cast of four women who seem perfect on the surface, but are chronically flawed is pure genius.  I would love to be Carrie Bradshaw for just one day.  Mostly, because it would mean that I was lucky enough to make a living off of writing.  But also, who wouldn’t want to have her figure, even if only for 24 hours?

I admit it…I own the series and was an avid watcher from the very beginning. I purchased the original 1st and 2nd series on VHS…Really! LOL  If you could see anything what would it be?
I would love to see a green flash.  It’s a natural phenomenon that occurs at sunset just as the sun dips into the ocean.  It’s rare, and the conditions have to be just right.  Apparently, it’s quite spectacular.  I’ve been at the beach when others have seen it, but I have yet to catch it.  Someday, I’ll get lucky.

I’d never heard of that before. Wow…once again, learned something new! So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. I loved loved loved your book. It was one of the very best medical drama books I’ve ever had in my hand. Do you have any specific rituals for when you write your stories?
I always sit in the same corner of the couch, with a couple of Diet Pepsi’s lined up beside me for rapid consumption.  Once I get going, there are only a couple of things that distract me – my bladder and the need for more Diet Pepsi.

Those distractions can’t be ignored. LOL I like my corner chair in my living room. I can’t say enough how awesome your book was. When writing your book, did you use any particular method?

I wish I were that organized.  I usually start with an idea and free write.  Although I don’t use index card or outlines, once I am in the middle of writing, my mind never turns off.  I think about it while I’m working, jogging, cleaning, and relaxing.  In that sense, I suppose I create mental outlines that help me flush out ideas and work through problem areas.

 Outlines…even mental ones have become an integral part of my process as well What has been the best and worst parts for you being an accomplished and published author?
The best part has been the feeling of accomplishment that comes from actually holding my book in my hands.  It still amazes me.
The worst part is the uncertainty that lies ahead.  My book is unique in that it is inspired by true events – events that many would like to see buried forever.  It took courage to tell my story, and even more courage to reach out to the media and expose myself.  Through the process of writing “It’s Nothing Personal,” I realized there is an important point to be made.  When physicians are sued, it is a life-altering experience that is on a par with the death of a loved one.  The experience can lead to depression, substance abuse, and even suicide.  It is a story that no one talks about.  I want to break that unspoken medical code of silence and let the public, as well as other physicians, know the toll it takes.  One of the most painful aspects of being sued is the sense of isolation.  Attorneys forbid you to discuss the suit with anyone but them, your spouse, your priest, and your shrink.  While these people are all well intentioned, nobody understands how it feels to be sued for malpractice unless they have lived through it themselves.  I hope by talking about it, maybe another physician who finds himself or herself in the midst of a lawsuit will feel comfort in knowing that they are not alone.

Wow. Just…wow. The life you’ve had has definitely been a ride.  What are your future goals?
In a perfect world, I would love to retire from medicine and write full time.  If my dreams came true, I would never let a day pass where I wouldn’t wake up grateful and happy.
It’s been truly and honor getting the chance to read your book and get to know you a little. I can’t thank you enough for vising the site and PLEASE…if ever you write another….do share with us!!!! Before I end, let’s go into what I like to call the

Rapid Answer Zone!

What were the last three songs you listened to?
“Tainted Love” by Soft Cell, “She Hates Me” by Puddle of Mudd, and “Beautiful” by Moby.  They are all on my running tunes list.
Where was the last place you dined out?
A great Mexican food restaurant called Los Dos Potrillos.  Mmmmm, salty chips and salsa.  If I don’t retain at least six pounds of water, I didn’t eat enough chips.
What was the last movie you saw?
Brides Maids.  I’ve seen it at least six times now, but the scene with the wedding dress getting soiled in the middle of the street gets me every time.  It’s so juvenile, but I love it!
Where was the last tattoo you got?
Nowhere, but I did have a belly-button piercing before I got married and pregnant.
What is in your pocket right now?
Nothing right now, but two days ago, it was my lucky penny.  I found it in the middle of the road in Hawaii.  Whenever I have to do something important, like an interview, I make sure it’s right there in my left pocket. 

Now, which one of the three was the lie?
Sandwiches.  I detest them.

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