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Interivew with CJ Wright, Author of Falling Star

Two Truths & a Lie

My favorite thing to drink is either Coca-cola or Pepsi.
I’ve never seen a ghost.
I enjoy watching romantic comedies.

So let’s start off easy.  Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m married for the third time. I love bacon sandwiches.  

Oh, I love bacon! Who doesn’t love bacon sandwhiches! What else?
My favorite author is Agatha Christie. When I was eight years old I met Sue Townsend, the author of the Adrian Mole books. She was doing a book signing at the school I was attending at the time. It was at that moment that I dreamed of becoming a writer. My greatest fear is a zombie apocalypse. Zombies are the only monsters I’m actually scared of because they seem to be the most realistic.  Oh, and my favorite television series is Doctor Who.  Not just the new series; I’ve been a huge fan since I was four years old. I can even remember the first episode I saw, the 4th Doctor’s (Tom Baker) adventure, The Keeper of Traken. 

I totally love Doctor Who! But I’ve only been following it for the last six months or so. So I’m not as much a fan as you are. J Anything else you care to share?
I have two small dogs, named Bubbles and Max.  

Ha! Cute. So where did you find the inspiration for your books?

It can come from anywhere. Each book I’ve written has been sparked by a different source. Usually whatever it is will trigger something small in my imagination, which then starts to grow and develop until I have an entire plot for a story. 

I completely get what you’re saying. Do you have rituals for when you are writing?
I do have to get myself into the ‘zone’, which I do by having a DVD on in the background. Usually in the same genre as the scene I’m writing, or a film that comes from a well known book, such as any of the Harry Potter films, or The Lord of the Rings.

Okay, that’s creepy crazy because I normally have a dvd going on in the background too. But mine’s always the same thing. I’ll plead the fifth on what that is though. LOL Do you have a favorite character in your book?
I don’t really have a favorite character from any of my books. I feel that each one is there in the story for a reason, whether they are a hero or a villain, or anywhere in between, and all are integral in driving the plot to its final conclusion. 

Writers have a number of ways they go about creating their stories. Sometimes how one may go about writing helps another writer. So I must ask, do you have any set writing methods?
I start by writing the whole plot out over about two pages, and then I break that up into chapters. I then write short descriptions for each chapter so I have an idea of how the book will pan out. Things will get switched around, or deleted/added to, as the characters develop in the story, so even though I have a fair idea how the plot is going to go, it still evolves through the process of writing it, and ends up very different than how I pictured it at the beginning.   

I’ve found for myself, chapter outlines work great. And you are right…they do sometimes get switched around and altered a bit…but stories are like that. They’re alive! LOL What has been the best part since becoming a published author? 
The best part is when people say they enjoyed reading one of my books. The worst is when I’m asked how many books I’ve sold, as if there’s a magic number that means you’re a success or not. It’s like asking a woman her weight; it’s none of your business. 

ROFL...That’s right! You tell ‘em. J Do you think becoming an author has changed you in any way?
Not that I’ve noticed. I think that I’ve always been an author; it’s just that I’m either an author that is writing at the moment, or an author that is not. 

How long does it take for you to write a book?
Each book is different, but I’d say on average it takes me about 9 months to write the first draft. I then leave it for six weeks before I go back to it and start the editing process. 

Step away from it and get to it with fresh eyes. Great advice! So, do you have any goals for your future?
My main goal is to keep writing. I have a number of stories and plot lines I want to write, and so I plan to keep going until I run out of ideas, which won’t be any time soon. 

That’s absolutely awesome to hear. I can’t wait to see more from you in the future. This has been an awesome experience getting to know the man behind the books.  Thanks so very much for sharing with us. Before we close entirely however… we have to move on to the Rapid Answer Zone. Real quick, tell me… 

What was the last gift you purchased?
A cuddly toy for my wife for Valentine’s Day. 

What did you do last Halloween?
Wonder if I’m ever going to spend a Halloween doing what I want to do, which is to stay up all night and watch horror films with my friends. I never get around to organizing it. 

Pizza, hot pockets, or pizza rolls?

Best fictional character?
Harry Potter. 

What is in your pocket right now?
A packet of mints, and fluff. 

Now, for all our readers who were waiting in anticipation…which of the three above was not the truth?

I’ve never seen a ghost. I have actually seen a number of them, and I live in one of the most haunted towns in England.
Ah...tricky fellow you are. LOL. Thanks for this wonderful experience and for taking the time to visit us here at BiteMyBook. Viewers..check out CJ's bio and his hotspots!
Author’s Bio:
C J Wright has had a fascination with all sorts of horror fiction since childhood, and it has been the driving force of his desire to write. He has written four horror novels – two for adults, and two for teenagers – and is working on future releases.
CJ Wright
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