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Guest Interview & Book Review:Estelle Wilkinson

It Started With a Click by Estelle Wilkinson
Reviewed by Michala T.

With the emergence of the internet came amazing connections of people.“It Started With a Click” is another extremely romantic, comedic, and realistic showing of how it feels step by step to bond with someone you’ve never met…over the internet.

In this sweet and convincing account Catherine and Damien meet when she decides to purchase some tickets to a rugby game and subsequently begins a conversation with the seller. This book provides a fascinating look at the behaviors, emotions, and antics on how we communicate and develop something from a friendly chat into an intense and deeply moving relationship.

I was instantly hooked by the preface alone. The author promptly draws you in, shows you how ‘real’ this all is. The relationship and its desirable bond of the two main characters is read via emails and instant messages. Don’t be fooled by the supposedly mundane tête-à-têtes; instead see it for what it is really is…what you yourself experience when beginning a relationship. Sometimes…instant connections don’t always start with a bang…but I promise…there are quite a few bangs in the book.

I really appreciated this book in an entertaining manner but also in a psychological approach. (Sorry, it’s the therapist in me). I opened the book…and dived right in. I had been reading only a few seconds (or so it felt) when I realized I was already on chapter 3. This happened throughout the entire book.

I can totally relate to the writer…how she could get so completely pulled into Damien’s words. He had me blushing and flushed at moments and it was so easy to fall for his quirky antics I had to momentarily look over and kiss my husband to remind me of where I was.

Another thing I really liked about this book was how I kept applying my own previous relationships to how this one was going. I actually had to stop reading for a time and say…”You go girl!” at certain parts and flush because I was amazed at her braveness here and her shyness there. I can’t write more otherwise I’d give something away…and you know me…no spoilers allowed!

My verdict: 8/10

I would totally have given this novel a 9 or 10 if the author had included more sidebar comments. I loved reading how she felt…but the small snippets of how she felt, what her thoughts were, and so on…it just wasn’t enough. Left me wanting for more….which is good…and bad. LOL (Imagine me stomping my feet and screaming…more! I want more!) Yup just what I did. But guess what folks? More is coming. Watch out for book 2!


Interview with the Author:

I had the honor to meet (online) the author of It Started with a Click. In fact today her book release occurred. How very exciting! I wanted to have a little sit down with the writer behind the novel and she fortunately agreed to answer a few questions.

What made you want to come out and reveal the true account of your ebay relationship?

It's a story I have told many people and they all have the same response: "it would make a brilliant book"! Not knowing a great deal about publishing, I still thought you had to approach publishers in the traditional sense. This could mean going through many rejections and maybe still not getting published. I wasn't sure I could go through too many knock backs so never tried. Then, having a discussion with somebody about 50 Shades of Grey, I found out about self publishing. With this new way of doing things I had nothing to lose!

Do you feel that your account is similar to what people may experience when using online dating sites?
I've never internet dated but have friends who have. In fact, I was at a wedding in the summer of a friend who met his wife through internet dating. From my conversations with them, I gather you view a profile and arrange to meet. This was quite different. I guess the main difference is that we had never intended to find each other. I had simply been on to eBay to buy some tickets.

Since your book was an ensemble of your written conversations, do you feel you would be capable of writing a memoir in which you had to write about your accounts?
I'd like to think so. In fact, I really hope so! There's a lot more writing to be done with the second book.

Who did the cover art for your book?
I have a friend who runs an internet design company and we did it between us. I'm a bit of a control freak so needed to be very "hands-on". I've had some great feedback too which is pleasing. It's quite different to the original design we came up with and I wasn't sure at first but I love it now!

Your cover is fantastic; simple, yet tasteful. Just like most writers wouldn’t want someone to come in and tell them how to do their writing, artists who do book covers are using their skills as well. Do you feel that authors should maintain control of their ideas for their cover or do you find the artist has important say so since they are using their talents?
I think the author obviously knows the book better than anyone so should have some element of control over the design. However, this was nearly one of my biggest mistakes. I was too fixed on what I wanted. I was convinced I knew the right cover for my book. Then, I spoke with a publisher who gave me the best pointer: the cover wasn't for me, it was for my reader. She also pointed out that it was important to create it for the genre I was selling in to. That's how we then designed the cover as it is. It's all about having an open mind and being able to listen to the people who know best. 

If by chance someone approached you and requested you publish book 2 traditionally, do you think you’d go for it or would you rather stick with the independent route?
I'm not too sure on this one. I've really enjoyed the control I've had while self publishing. I would be reluctant to let that go. Plus, I really want to remain anonymous and so it would be difficult to promote in the traditional sense ie. book signings etc. However, if a publisher were to approach me, I wouldn't be totally against the idea (if they could keep my identity secret!) because, after all, they know far more than I do about this world!

Do you ever think about what life might have been life if you hadn’t bought those tickets or perhaps bought them from someone else?
This is quite a tricky one to answer as nobody knows where I am and who I'm with. You need to wait for book two for that kind of information! Put it this way, life has not been the same since...

We’ll I definitely look forward to reading the second installment. Can you give the readers any teasers?
All I can say it that it's a roller-coaster ride with plenty of ups and downs!  

What advice would give to people who want to write about their own personal experiences?
You have to learn to let go a bit. I have been quite stubborn about changing things as the story is so close to me. I was persuaded recently though and I think the changes I've made have improved the story. It was difficult, but I have almost had to detach myself from it and view it purely as a project.  

I also had a little bit of negative feedback which I reacted badly to. I've learned from this and need to realise that not everybody is going to enjoy it and that it's nothing personal when I do get a bad review. I'm just going to take all the constructive criticism into my next book and make it even better!

Thanks so much Estelle for sharing your thoughts and introducing us to your new novel.

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