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Interview with the Author: Lada Ray

Author Interview Questionnaire

Two Truths & a Lie :Can you guess which one is not the truth?
1. I studied in Malaysia
2. I grew up at a large resort on the Black Sea
3. I went to college in the USA

It is an honor to get to know Lada Ray, author of Earth Shifter, among other novels. When asked to tell us a little bit about herself, she shared this information with me.

I am married. My husband’s family is from Hong Kong., we met in New York City. My favorite food is…guilty as charged-cake. A really great cake! My favorite colors are, being a Feng Shui Master here, Red-the ultimate color of energy, Green-growth and nature, and Black-protection and inner world. My favorite seasons are Spring and Autumn. My favorite holiday is New Year-both Russian and Chinese. Incidentally, stay tuned for my guest post about the Chinese New year of the Water Snake!

How old were you when you first knew you wanted to be a writer?

Seems like I always knew that, but instead, I listened to my well-meaning parents and became a linguist, translator, and later, a Wall Street financial consultant. Until the light went on in my head and I decided to become an Internationally Certified Feng Shui Master. The only thing that was left after all these adventures was to become a writer. ;)

Well that totally makes sense! Where did you find the inspiration for your most recent book?

After I decided to leave my high-powered Wall Street career, I immersed myself in the in-depth study of spirituality and metaphysics. I picked up a number of books at the Princeton Barnes & Noble, and was checking them out. The young man at the counter handed me a receipt.
“Your autograph, please,” he said.
As I was signing the receipt, he suddenly added, “May be worth a lot one day.”
I stared at him because it really seemed like an odd thing to blurt out just like that. It sounded more like a message meant for me, and so in that very moment, a light literally went on in my head.
I imagined the Comet of Karma, the Keepers, the Protectors, the secret society, various mystical characters, creatures and power players, and in the midst of it all, two very different teenagers residing on the opposite sides of the planet. Theirs would be an unenviable task of saving the world, if they managed to come together before it was too late…
I started fleshing out The Earth Shifter. In it, I sought to combine a lifetime of research and study of the metaphysical world, my various travels, experiences working in finance, interest in geopolitics, history, and my vision of humanity’s probable futures.
I am in awe that all those amazing things just dropped into you mind like that. It’s a blessing when a story like that comes in such a way. Do you have rituals for when you are writing?

I love to write either at my large and comfortable writing table or at a nice coffee house. Love coffee and green tea. Watching classic Russian comedies while writing helps me relax and focus, probably because they remind me of my childhood.

Ugh. I’m so not the coffee and tea drinker. But finding something that relaxes your mind and gets you into the mood for writing is important. Getting into your character can happen in so many ways. Who is your favorite character in your book Earth Shifter?

The protagonist, Sasha Elfimova. She is a 16-17 year old Russian girl, who is tall, light-haired, blue-eyed and has a bit of an angelic look, yet she is holding the key to the future of humanity. I love the character of the wise, old shaman Tengis. He’s a small, bowlegged Asian man, but don’t judge by his appearance! He is the Supreme Keeper of the Earth and the ultimate authority on our planet.My favorite historic character is the enigmatic monk, Grigory Rasputin. Who was he really and why was he so hated by so many? You’ll find the answers in the book. Last but not least, it’s Red, a beautiful brunette with hidden agenda, who is infinitely more that anyone knows. As many characters in The Earth Shifter, she isn’t at all what she seems and I dare my readers to guess what she is while reading the book (the mystery will be revealed in the end)!

Relating to Sasha was so easy while I was reading your book. And I just loved the character Tengis. I think everybody needs a Tengis in their life. I really was interested in Red though. She has so much mystery behind her and I was drawn into her world…I wonder how you come up with all these brilliant characters. Do you have a particular writing method?

No particular method. Just plain old imagining and writing. Sometimes I do a bit of outlining until my creative juices start flowing again.

You’ve gained a lot of experience with writing having written a number of books. What has been the best part since you’ve become a published author?

Seeing my long-cherished ideas and characters come alive on pages, and hearing readers ask to hurry up with the next installment has been the best.

And what is the worst thing so far?

Navigating the crazy new world of e-publishing. But I’m a sucker for a challenge, so in the end, it’s all for the best. ;)

I’d say so. Your story is so rich and so deeply impacted by history and culture. It’s not something you see often in today’s novels. How long did it take you to write Earth Shifter?

This is kinda funny. It took me several years to flesh out the idea, plot and characters, and to write one half of The Earth Shifter. The rest I wrote in one month, when it just all came together. Talk about being inspired!

That’s just amazing to me! Wow! So has becoming an published author changed you in any specific ways?
I think it changes me daily. I never knew how much untapped creativity I had until I unleashed it on unsuspecting readers. I feel like I’m bursting with ideas and plots. The only challenge is to have enough time to put all this down on paper. I am the happiest when I write.
Do you have any future goals in mind (as a writer I mean).

In April 2013 I am releasing two new Earth Keepers Chronicles: books 2 and 3: Lemurian Crystal and Atlantis. "The first in the series, Catharsis, Legend of the Lemurians is a novelette, now available for $.99 on Kindle, and FREE at Smash, BN Nook, Kobo, and at other retailers."Together, Catharsis, Lemurian Crystal and Atlantis will also be released in the form of an ebook and paperback as Earth Keepers Chronicles: Origins. These metaphysical/dystopian fantasies are about our shadowy ancient history, the Lemurains, the Atlanteans, and origins of humanity. They are part of the companion series to The Earth Shifter trilogy.

I am happy to announce that I am also working on The Earth Shifter sequel: planned release Winter 2013-14. This will be a very exciting and intense sequel, where many themes from Book 1 will deepen and intensify, where some secrets will be revealed, and many new enigmas will be introduced. Stay tuned!

You are definitely a busy body. To think you are doing so much with your writing and I know you must be a very busy woman outside of your creative writing. It’s such a delight to read brilliant writing. I can’t imagine anyone NOT liking your tales. They are tantalizing, ingenious, and radiant stories…at least this one was!

So before we close…we have to move on to the Rapid Answer Zone. Real quick, tell me…

Who did you last call?

My husband, who’s now in NYC on business, because I miss him.

What is the best age to be?

The age I’m at now.

And…What was the last movie you saw?

Bourne Legacy.

Now, for all our readers who were waiting in anticipation…which of the three above was not the truth?

#3. I’ve never gone to school in the USA
Thanks so very much Lada Ray. It’s been an immense pleasure! For all our readers, check out the book review and stay tuned because Lada Ray is going to be our very own Guest Blogger this tomorrow! For more information you can find Lada Ray in a myriad of ways:

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