Sunday, February 10, 2013

First & Last: Perfect for You by Kate Perry

Perfect for You (Laurel Heights, #1)

by: michala t.

Perfect for You (Laurel Heights #1)

by Kate Perry

Graphic designer looking for hot sex.
She cupped his face, love shining in her eyes. “Always.”

Let me say that the first sentence is actually set in the middle and it appears it could be an ad. I could be incorrect as I’ve not yet read any further. The first sentence makes me wonder if I’ve opened up another ‘soft-porn’ novel. However, I don’t believe I have because of the cover. If I’m correct, let’s move on. I kinda like this opening sentence. I immediately wonder if this is a male of female looking for ‘hot sex’ because it makes a difference, at least in my mind it does. I can understand that graphic designers probably spend a lot of time sitting before a computer screen and perhaps this person’s life isn’t what they imagined for themselves. Most people can relate to that. The first sentence, being a potential ad stirs up a lot of ideas on how the rest of the story can go. And to me…it compels me to want to know why they are looking for ‘hot sex’ and will they find it. And if they do…will it be what they had hoped it would be?

The last sentence doesn't really do it for me honestly. Okay, its visually compelling. I can close my eyes and see ‘her’ cupping some man’s face…but what I just don’t like is that phrase ‘love shining in her eyes.’ It’s just too clichĂ© for me maybe. Why not, she cupped his face, the intensity of her love misted in her eyes. I don’t know…really just about anything might be better than that. I do however like the ‘Always.” It’s realistic. It’s something someone who is utterly in love would say to their mate.

I’m gonna go ahead and give the book a shot. I’ll give it seven pages. Will I make it to the second stage (read 3 chapters)? I’m not sure. Based on the first sentence I just might. Will I make it to ‘read 7 chapter’ I’m gonna say a not so strong maybe on that one but who knows...I might just make it all the way through. Stay tuned for Friday's Final Verdict Book Review!

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