Thursday, February 21, 2013

Come on in: Creepy Stories

By: Michala T.

I don't normally write short stories but today I spent four hours writing one. I woke from a dream and the entire thing lingered, not like a bad taste in my mouth, but instead like a bad habit. I felt the sensations of a bad habit. I've smoked in my past and I know the feelings of needing to have one. And just like that smoking habit, my fingers itched to write and I couldn't stop the desire so I caved. (Fortunately, I haven't caved on the smoking habit! HA!)

As with most dreams, telling it is never revealing the exact dream you originally had. It changes. Parts are forgotten, your sensory is attacked viciously and your story is either torn into shreds and no sooner they are forgotten or they are never what they were . As was this dream.

I'm not complaining. Hell, I couldn't even tell you exactly all what transpired throughout my dream. I don't care either. I'm just thrilled to be writing! But there is normally one or two overwhelming things about your dream that stick with you. Maybe through the duration of your day, or even carried over to your next dream if you are fortunate (or unfortunate) depending on what it was.

I won't say exactly what parts stuck with me while writing down my story. Perhaps you'd like to take a gander at it? I'd love to hear your thoughts>can you guess what two things it was in my story that stuck out so much that I had to create an entire story to wrap around them?

Anyway, I think it a pretty neat experience. I will say I've not written a short story in a really long time and so I can't surmise whether this short story is actually any good because I'm the one who wrote the blasted thing. I'm going to give it preferential treatment so I cannot be trusted to say whether its a good one or not. It's not a very long read, only just under 5,000 words. But I had fun writing it.

If you'd like to read it, you are more than welcome to it. I've made it public on my personal website. It's titled The Ghost's Brothel and that title is linked to the story.

It feels good to write...whether it comes in the shape of an entire novel or just a short story.


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