Thursday, January 31, 2013

What They Said: C.S. Lewis

By: Michala T.

This quote is particularly on my mind because of a past and again recent conversation I had with a coworker turned friend had. When I had first started my job with the hotel, the girl training me had been humming a little tune and I immediately and eagerly squealed out the name of the musical it was from. Her eyes went wide, her grin even wider and she said something along the lines of that quote.

I have always known my style was unique…and the tv and movies I like…along with the music is something that doesn’t appeal to the greater population. So standing beside someone who had so much in similar with myself was an amazing moment…definitely on the top 100 of the most momentous events in my life. HAHA

I have another friend who suffered through a lot of awful pain at the hands of someone I too endured conflict with. After over a decade of not talking with each other…due to growing up and moving on with our lives we reconnected thanks to social sites today. It was as though we were never separated. She and I are still very much the best friends we were in those days gone by. We know that it is true…we are not the only one and we are bridged by that truth…and our friendship will live on, whether we speak daily or go months without talking.

With the birth and growth of BMB I have made new friends and I’m more blessed with every day that passes.  I have this one quirky crazy friend who I just love talking with. Her bizarre sayings hit me to the core and make me laugh that deep belly laugh. Friends like that are keepers. And even better are the moments we spend in conversation about our writings…and one will say something and she (or I) may as well have ignited the torch the Statue of Liberty holds for the total realization of an amazing story line that ignited with just a sentence, an off the hand remark, or a great question.  It’s that connection that one can’t find often.

I fortunately have in the last 3 years felt those connections left and right. I have found a co-writer who has admittedly become like a drug to me….I am constantly waiting for the next time I can run something by him because I know that as good as my idea is…he will help make it EPIC. I have found a girlfriend who I can chat with day or night and know that if I am having a dilemma in my writing…she will help me work through it. I have a best friend who I know I never have to alter my words…I can say whatever I want  without restraining my verbage and know she will never judge me, not my words or my actions. 

I felt for the longest time that making friends was nearly impossible, especially being an adult. I have since changed my mind. I just wasn’t putting myself out there to make and find those friends. I may be worlds apart from them…or even an hour away. I may not see them but once a year or once a month…but they are still there for me. For the most part…this is what my writing has done for me. If I did not write, if I did not blog, if I did not seek out people I wouldn’t have these opportunities to squeal in delight and say…”OMGosh…You too! I thought I was the only one!”

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