Wednesday, January 2, 2013

This Year Help Us Reach Out!!

We have added a DONATE button.

Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

Accept the 2013 Challenge today. Donate any amount towards the Funding of Books, Computers, Radios, and any and all media for the educational institution of your choice.
The goal is to raise $2013.00 as many times as possible. Every penny adds to the pot. The person who makes the pot reach $2013 gets to decide who the money will go to. Every name of every donator will be listed on this page until the amount has been reached. The WINNER will decide where the donation goes as long as it is an educational institution. A letter listing all the names of donators as well as a check in the amount of $2013 will be sent for the specific use of supplying books, computers, radios, and media supplies.
This challenge will reset once the $2013 has been met and we will begin the process of finding a WINNING recipient all over again. How great will it be to know that you helped give some rewarding institution a chance to enrich the lives of hundreds and even millions of students, adults, teachers, and more!
Once you make the donation, drop us an email or comment and we will apply your name (or the name of the person on behalf you are donating for) to the list on this page.
Let us Give this Year with a Cheerful Heart and let us make a difference in the world! You could very well be placing a book in the hands of the next brilliant writer or supplying the use of a computer to the newest and brightest journalist or helping the next shining star a chance at changing their life!!!

2013 Challenge Round One Begins by YOU clicking on the DONATE button NOW!!!!


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