Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Tuesday List

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By JccKeith

It’s Tuesday again but this time I was prepared.  I paid attention and came up with a stellar list for you tonight.  I watched all my favorite movies and came up with my top five movies.  Then I decided that my tastes are not necessarily the same as everyone elses.  So I scrapped that list.

Next I came up with a list of my favorite actors but seeing as how most of them are actors on science fiction shows, I scrapped that too.  Not everyone is a fan of sci-fi shows.  Then again, some people need better taste in television shows.  Not that I can really talk since I’m currently watching Forever Knight on DVD courtesy of Netflix.  Not by choice by the way, my husband is watching it and I happen to be in the room – which I believe qualifies as ‘watching.’

I considered giving you my top ten ways to avoid doing any actual work.  Things like simply restarting the dryer to unwrinkle clothes and having a spray bottle of Pinesol to clean up spills rather than having to clean the entire floor were on the list.  But you can find those simple tricks on the internet anywhere.

I came across two great sites today that had lists.  One was how to annoy people and it was very interesting.  It made me laugh.  I won’t post anything here from that list because that would be stealing someone else’s hilarious contribution to the internet.  Besides, I posted it on my Facebook account and I hate to repeat myself.

Don't Make Me Put You
On The List
The other list was on ways to be creative.  I read it, considered it and discarded it.  Well, I discarded it after I posted it on my Facebook account.  Many of the things on the list were things I already do – like carrying around a notebook all the time.  I think their idea was to have the notebook with you at all times so when an idea came to you, you could write it down. 

My thought is I carry it around so whenever someone pisses me off or wrongs me in some way I can write it down lest I forget their trespass against me.  You know, just in case someone ever asks me, “What did I ever do to you?”  I can look up their name and give them exact dates and times of their offenses.  Always be prepared I say.  Just kidding, I seriously don’t do that.  I just make a mental note to sneer at them later… or possibly throw a smoothie if the opportunity presents itself.

Deciding against other people’s already made lists; something happened that gave me an idea.  I almost tripped over my cat on my way out the door.  I immediately thought, hmm… I bet the world would like to know what my cat’s top ten favorite random places to sleep in my house are. 

Unfortunately, as I began making the list something else occurred to me.  1. At the top of the stairs in the upstairs hallway so you have to step over her and down onto the first step to walk down this long set of stairs.  2.  In the doorway in the utility room so you always trip over her when attempting to leave the house.  3.  On my chest when I’m sleeping in bed…. And that led me to believe my cat is up to no good, possibly trying to kill me. 

Finally, as the day drew to a close I thought I might make a list of this Saturday’s winning powerball numbers.  That would help out a lot of people.  Then I remembered that my magic 8 ball only gives me yes or no answers.  Now I could theoretically sit and ask the magic 8 ball if each number is a winning number and go through the entire list of 50 some numbers and then go back through to get a yes or no to see which would be the powerball.  The problem with that is I have my doubts as to the veracity of the magic 8 ball’s answers – and my crystal ball has frankly never worked correctly.  It doesn’t tell the future at all, just holds down papers on the desk.

So I ultimately determined that in order to appeal to the majority of people – I would post a list I felt everyone could agree with.  Using my vast storehouse of movie knowledge, I came up with a list of the top ten most famous movie lines of all time.  They are so famous I can guarantee you’ll remember in exactly which movie you heard each one:

10. “Hey”
9. “Hi”
8. “I don’t know”
7. “I know”
6. “No”
5. “Yes”
4. “Yeah”
3. “Uh huh”
2. “Me”
1. “You”

For anyone who was still reading this and wondered what my personal favorite movie line is, I’ll tell you.  First I would like to say that it is from a chic flick and it’s cheesy but I like it,
“Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out?”

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