Monday, January 7, 2013

Schedules, Sleep, and Sources for Stories

by Michala T.
Week Two

So how can your writing get better? 

You should be developing some form of writing schedule. I know I said yesterday that I can’t get a writing schedule so why am I telling you to do it? What I meant is I can’t wake up every morning and write five hours every single morning. Or I can’t spend every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday writing six hours. My life schedule does not permit me allowance for such a schedule. I do have something that works for me however.

I work nights and so I give myself from 1am to 4am three nights a week in which I spend on my writing. Sometimes I don’t spend it writing on my novel but I do spend it writing. (I’m doing it right now in fact!)

Finding a place in your life that you can guarantee you will get writing done on a weekly or even daily basis is excellent. Even if you can only get 600 words written every day, that’s something!

What other important things are there for you to implement in your life?

Spend some time looking at how you use your time. Do you watch a particular tv series or two religiously? That time could be spent writing, you know. Knowing how you spend your days allows you to swap out things that aren’t so important and paves a nice little notch of time in which your writing can be scheduled into your life.

Another thing…are you getting sleep? How much sleep are you getting? If you aren’t well rested then you are missing out on a few extremely important facets that are detrimental to your writing life. 1.) You are not able to think creatively at full speed if you are not getting the amount of sleep your body needs. 2.) You are missing out on some awesome story opportunities. Your dreams are a source for you that you should be tapping into. If you are stuck in your story…oftentimes a dream will reveal an element that can get you out and get you back onto a strong and solid writing path.

This week:

Keep track of how you spend your time every day this week. What can you weed out of your daily living? Where can you find time to write on a scheduled style? Unclutter your bedroom and make sure you are using it to SLEEP. Keep a notebook or recorder beside your bed so you can record your dreams.

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  1. I think we all feel like we're very busy and don't have much spare time... however, I bet, like me, a lot of people have "dead" time that could be used. For example, I have to pick my daughter up from school everyday...because I work in the next town I have to drive and to get a parking space I have to turn up to the school 15 - 20 minutes early. Often she comes out late. That's half an hour a day where I'm sat in my car, doing nothing. I am more of a knitter than a writer, so now I always have a project with me so that I can utilise these daily snippets of dead time because over the year they really add up. Sometimes I also make notes in my diary about things I might want to blog about, or ideas I've had. Perhaps you have small amounts of dead time you could use, maybe you commute everyday? Just make sure you keep your notepad and pen on you.