Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Living, Working, & Playing

By: Michala T.
I no longer know which I am doing from day to day. It is all running together.  Bitemybook (BMB) which originally was intended to be a platform for my own writing and reading has evolved so much. I’m in no way complaining. I should have known myself well enough to know I would turn it into a place where I could help others do what was meant to help me. (It has helped me in more ways than I ever imagined or had designed for myself!)

I’ve reached out to other writers and am truly loving all the interesting people I have had the opportunity to meet and speak with. It behooves me there are so many out there who are doing much the same as myself because for some reason I can’t help but think of those things in small-scale terms. This is ridiculous of me because time and time again I am confronted with grand-scale effects.

Take for example, Twitter. I am new to it. At first I didn’t really care much for it but that was because I didn’t apply time and energy into really trying to understand it. I was stuck on small-scale thinking. How could anyone ever ‘work’ and sift through so many followers. Recently however I’ve approached it with a more open mind. I started reading and retweeting four tweets that I liked every time I logged on. Those small seemingly insignificant retweets of mine however reached even more people than they had before I retweeted them. That is my idea of large scale thinking.

Now I am reaching out more and am having a great time doing so. But what was playing has crossed into a line more fitting for working. Again, no complaining…I’ve just given myself more work to do. But that’s okay. I’m doing what I am passionate about so doesn’t that essentially cross over into the line of ‘living’? I would say so, wouldn’t you?

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