Thursday, January 31, 2013

Guest Blogger: Craig Douglas

BMB would like to welcome Craig Douglas, an avid blogger and writer! We wish him the best in his endeavors and look forward to hearing more of his awesomeness!
I’m Craig, I’m a typical middle aged bloke who has the mental age of a nine year old.  I’m also a father of two monsters and husband to a tyrant.  I’ve never been free – I’ve always been chained to something, the British Army was one such entity and it threw me around places at its MOD’s disposal.  Since leaving the Army I’ve been a slave to the wife and incarcerated into marriage servitude.

Nah, it’s not that bad.  I run a website called, it focuses on non-fiction and fiction.  I enjoy writing short stories and flash fiction.  I didn’t think I’d write about the stuff I write about as a child.  I had my head stuck in all those fantasy books and Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.  I was in to Dungeons and Dragons and the Warhammer 40k tabletop wargames.  I wanted to write about Wizards and Dragons and Warriors with double bladed axes.  But alas, it was not to be.  I found normal life more fantastical and horrifying than any of those Role Playing Games. 

My work is influenced by the people I worked with in the British Army and the dangerous places I went to during my 22 years there.  I conjure up experiences from my past; my failed relationships; my successful relationship with alcohol and its doom when I married. 

I supposed I’ve always been weird and there were those in my Army circles who couldn’t fathom or comprehend me at times.  Maybe it was my inexperience at gauging the right time to voice my opinions.

I began to write at the age of 14 and it was perhaps my English teacher that identified my talent.  She had said back then that I had talent and it was the catalyst for me.  Since joining the British Army my writing had a chequered past.  I wrote various short stories in the early 90s and began again in 2004 whilst in Basrah.  My tour of Afghanistan spurred an awakening of my sleeping writing self.  I wrote each day out there, keeping a diary of events.  I soon amassed a total of 116,000 words and am only now working my way through it converting the tense from past to present therefore giving it an immediate, current affect.  I should have that out sometime this year.  It’s a slow process and I’ve got two academic courses on the go as well.

My first success was a short story I originally wrote back in 1998.  It featured in Radgepacket 2; I’ve since wrote several stories that feature in those anthologies.  My writing gathered pace from 2008 onwards and soon I had a consortium of short stories, all I noticed with themes of tension and war.  I have this available in print on Amazon and in Kindle.  I may push this out to other vendors like Nook and Barnes and Noble.

My site Gritfiction covers many aspects of human nature and its failings.  Some of it may come across as esoteric, and I’m interested in the collusion of space and the supernatural such as the movie Event Horizon or the game Dead Space. 

My next post is about the affects of Money on Human Morality.

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