Sunday, January 6, 2013

Get Past Bad Habits!

By: Michala T.

I bet you have some really crummy habits. Oh, go on. Admit it. We all have at least a few. I for one cannot hang onto any semblance of a writing schedule. I’ve tried. The closest I came to a writing schedule was during my NaNoWriMo novel in which I had to write for at least three hours every day or I never would have completed the story.

Most writers however have one bad habit in common with other writers. And you are probably in the same category. What is that bad habit? It’s doing too much at one time. Yes….you have way too much on your plate, don’t you? At this moment in time I am running a blogging website, working, going to graduate school, writing more than one book at a time, and trying to run a household. I’ve had people ask me when do I have time to do fun, frivolous things…like sleep.

If you are going to get a novel written or get that writing career going then you are must learn to clear a little of the meat off your plate. Vegetables only! In other words…only the stuff that is going to help you stay healthy and on track with what your goals are. So how does one go about cleaning off their plate?

First you must choose what is most important. That saying quality over quantity is true here. Is it worth having an assortment of things going on in your life if you are not going to be able to put your whole being into your passion? Take the time to put quality into your writing by focusing on fewer writing projects. Don’t try to write four books and ten articles along with 8 query letters every week. Focus on one or two projects and you’ll get the important things in your life done and you’ll feel better having done it that way.

Another thing you are going to have to do is decide just where your true passion lies. Yes you love doing all kinds of things and that’s great. However what is the ONE passion you could not stand to be without? Do you want to write for magazines or is it more important for you to finish that novel? For those who have multiple books started…which one calls to you the most? What genre are you likely to go mad without being able to write?

Lastly, learn to say no to requests from others AND yourself too. You will get sidetracked so many times and will want to pick up this project or that but you’ve got to learn to say no…and focus on what is most important to you.

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