Sunday, January 27, 2013

First & Last: Madly by M. Leighton

Madly (Madly, #1)By: Michala T

I would just like to say that I thought this book cover was amazing and it is the reason I picked the book up in the first place. I didn't even realize M. Leighton was the author until just a bit ago. Isn't it a beauty though. Kudos to the illustrator/artist!!!

First: I looked out the classroom window, wishing I was outdoors enjoying the ambient conditions of Slumber, conditions that I’d come to love in a relatively short amount of time.

Last: She had no idea that a werewolf was coming for her, intent on finishing what he’d started hundreds of years before, or that we were the only ones who could stop it.

            Okay, my first thought is this is a run on sentence. LOL. My second thought is what does she mean by conditions of Slumber? Slumber had an uppercase ‘S’ so I’m assuming it’s a city or something…some kind of place. Classroom…makes me wonder is she in school, teaching school, or what. Ambient is a word I wouldn’t use in a first sentence. I don’t know why…it’s just not a friendly kind of word. I mean really, if you looked up the definition of this word…you would leave the dictionary MORE confused than you felt going in. This opening didn’t really do it for me. It makes me think that I might get to my thirty pages (that’s the point where I decide whether I’ll read the book to the end or close up shop then and there) and not want to give any more of time to the novel.

            The last sentence makes me think someone is either looking or thinking about another person. I hope this is true because the POV in the opening sentence was first person and I’d hate to have to deal with conflicting POV issues. Since this is M. Leighton I am going to assume she knows what she is doing. The last sentence is clearly a ‘look into the future’ kind of sentence. There is a second installment so this would only make sense. I’m curious how the ‘werewolf’ would be finishing something started so long ago with ‘her’ (whoever she is) and what ‘her’ connection is with the werewolf; or for the main person of this book is for that matter. Again, I’m not certain if this last sentence is enough to propel me deep into the wilderness of another Leighton novel but we shall see.

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