Monday, January 28, 2013

Book Review: The Deepest Cut by J.A. Templeton

The Deepest Cut (MacKinnon Curse #1)
by J.A. Templeton
Reviewed by Michala T.
The Deepest Cut (MacKinnon Curse, #1) 
This book…well, I must admit, I just took a deep sigh as I wrote that. I wasn’t certain on what to expect. The story started off pretty neat. After her mother was killed and she was nearly killed, Riley found she had the ability to see spirits. Riley struggles with feelings of guilt and begins self-cutting. Due to all the stress of the death and a new career opportunity for her dad, Riley and her family move to Scotland. Of course with such an ability, it was expected that moving in to an old Inn she would see spirits. She sees and meets Ian, a ghost who was poisoned by a servant in his castle who was in love with him. Riley, after initially not wanting to become acquainted with him decides she is going to help him by breaking the curse and setting him free. After this, the storyline plummeted. I’m of the mind that this novel wouldn’t have been so bad had I been a twelve or thirteen year old reading it.

            I had the most difficult time with this novel because the facts of magic and the limits of them is never set in place. Because of this…everytime Riley touched Ian, held hands with Ian, and kissed Ian…my mind was telling me SHE CAN’T TOUCH GHOSTS! If Riley hadn’t initially walked right through the ghost as she had in the beginning I might have believed it could happen. There are rules an author makes when writing a book…and then they must keep to those rules. This author did not.

            As if that wasn’t bad enough, Riley is thrust into quite emotional scenes and comes out as if she had just walked through the mall, her day wasn’t too bad, and she could sleep comfortably that night. If I was locked in a mausoleum for an hour and a scorned lover ghost was choking me, I wouldn’t come out at the end of the hour and say, “oh…you all are still here?”

            She gains information on ghosts, spells, and the likes by just a few clicks of the computer a book or two from the library? It isn’t working for me. The author just didn’t make this story believable enough for me. With scene jumping and very little real character build-up I am surprised I read this book to the very end.

            The worst thing was the cutting. This element was added in and I think it could have been so much more stronger. But it wasn’t. And it seemed the writer thought the cure to all Riley’s aches would be a boy. And not just any boy…a ghost boy. No wait, the worst thing was the ending. I’m sorry…she should have left it with the first ending. But no, she had to drag it on and make it a second go around and the ending made no sense.
            I have faith in writers however. This writer is giving it a second go and you know what…the first book is a chance to make mistakes. The second book is a chance to learn from your mistakes. I hope she does this. I hope she has acclimated herself to the world of being a published author and a writer. Here’s to hoping and wishing.

My verdict: 2/10

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