Thursday, January 10, 2013

Be our Guest...

By: Michala T

Put Our Suggestions to the Test when
Promoting Your Book!

Building your brand and getting your message across to mass amounts of people is vital to the promotion of your book. But how can you do that? There are particular points every person must do to accomplish this. Let’s take it step by step.

Determine who your book is geared towards? Is it young adults? Parents or maybe the single father? Small Business Owners? Artists? Maybe other writers? This is the number one question you need to answer because without the answer you are going to be wondering around trying to promote the book; but looking completely foolish and lost doing so.

           Find blogs that are catering to the type of people you just answered in #1. Look at Blog Catalogs, Google’s top 100, and other sources to find these blogs. Now spend some time researching that blog. Do they provide the potential opportunities for book reviews, guest bloggings, author interviews? What is there tone? Find the blogs that you would not mind being associated with and who have a solid viewership.
 Once you have found a reasonable number of blogs it’s time to get in touch with them. Don’t send them an email telling them about how your book is awesome and how everybody is gonna love it. Instead, tell them how you’ve spent considerable time reading their recent blog posts. Tell them what it is about you (not your book) that links back to their site. Then tell them you wanted to write and inquire whether they would be interested in a guest post, which you will include an excerpt of your book. Or ask of they might want to consider interviewing you. Let them know you will definitely promote their post to at least several dozen other media sites. Then let them know they can contact you for additional information, ect. Doesn’t that sound so much better!

There are more ways of promoting your book but most of them require money. This method works and it is normally budgeting friendly. Do you have any more suggestions for budget friendly promotion ideas? Let us know? Would you like to be a guest blogger? Hit us up!

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