Friday, January 18, 2013

Author of the Week Book Blurbs!

Stream Liner of the Lost Souls (Horror)
Stream Liner of the Lost Souls Description: In the town of Littleworth Shannon is desperate to take herself and her only brother away from the drugs and gangs that have overrun the town. With the law enforcement making the area a 'no go zone', the corruption is rife. With one of her brothers and both parents dead, she has no intention of losing the only sibling she has left. Unfortunately for her, her brother has no intention of leaving. He thrives on drugs and violence; this is his world and he feels he is here to stay. That is, until something happens-so gruesome, so violent, that even the Devil himself would have been proud of the ensuing developments. This dramatically changes things, not only for Shannon and her brother, but for all mankind. When you're dead, you're dead, right? Wrong You can run, but you cannot hide from the 'Stream Liner'

Stream Liner Meets the Devils Spawn (Horror)
Stream Liner Meets the Devi...                
Description: In this second part of the “Stream Liner” series Vanessa has left the town of Littleworth with out her beloved brother Lee. She would always have to be on her guard, living in fear with her new born baby “Aaron”. She knew he was special, so special in fact that his father “The Stream Liner” would watch over them and wait, soon it would be time to show his presence and re-claim his off spring. With a serial killer on the loose plus the fear of losing her only son, Vanessa will do everything in her power to protect what is rightfully hers Aaron on the other hand has no such fears, he grows stronger by the day, he can feel the presence of his father and longs for his appearance. The Stream Liner knows what he wants and nothing will stand in his way, not a serial killer that’s for sure and certainly not the carrier of his off spring.
Legacy of the Stream Liner (Horror)
legacy of the stream liner
Description: In this third book of the Stream Liner Series: Aaron (Stream Liner offspring) is now an adult, in a world where he does not belong, struggling to see where he fits in his destruction has no bounds. Shannon falls foul to one of Aaron’s games with shocking consequences; this changes her life for all eternity. Although years have passed Shannon refuses to give up on finding her one and only love, lee. Aaron and Shannon seem to have a mutual connection and both start to get confused over their emotions for each other. Aaron uses his powers to find out lee is in fact dead by the hands of his father, now he has to make a choice tell Shannon and possibly lose her forever or lie and carry on playing the game.

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