Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tuesday's top 3,5,10

A top 5 but not mine

By JccKeith

It’s Tuesday people.  For those that keep track, I post my 3,5,10 lists on Tuesdays (For those who saw yesterday’s post, I don’t throw Smoothie’s on Tuesdays.  Tuesdays are a no smoothie throwing day -  unless you really tick me off).  I was going to post a list today of indie authors you should check out.  I posted a few different posts on Twitter to authors and I did not get a response.  I figure they either didn’t see the post or didn’t care.  Being indie authors, I figure they have lives they live and have other things to do, so next week I’ll post a list.  But either way, this left me with no 5,10 list for today. 

So I went to Yahoo home page and typed in top 5 and waited for it to fill in suggestions.  I found it disconcerting that the first option on the list was not even a top 5 but was in fact a top 50 songs.  The second website listed was the top 5 cell phone companies. 

What?  Top 5, I thought there only were 5 cell phone companies.  I mean you have, T-mobile (my cell phone carrier), Verizon (I like their commercials with that nerdy looking guy that says ‘Can you hear me now,’ I mean who hasn’t said that), AT&T (They’re a big company, right?), Sprint (Do they still exist?),  and that company with the pigs in their commercial, what is it like Cricket? 

You got me who is who on this pic
Actually, I yelled down the stairs to my husband, “Hey, what is that cell phone company with pigs in their commercial?”  His response was Cricket?  My thought was some cheap cell phone company that caters to people who can’t get cell phone contracts?  So I looked it up, because I seriously remembered the pigs but not the name brand (FAIL on the part of that company) and it was BOOST mobile.  I capitalized their name because, well, I like the pigs, they’re great – I am a big fan of bacon – and any pig that talks, hey I liked Charlotte’s Web).  I also like the gecko that advertises for GEICO – and hint, if you include animals that talk in your commercial, I will capitalize your name in my post.  For the record, my most favorite commercial of all time is that one for some sleep medication with the beaver sitting at the kitchen table talking to Abraham Lincoln and there is a unicorn or something to that effect in either the same commercial or another commercial for the same medication. 

For the record on commercials, for those who want to follow in my footsteps – I will not be swayed by animals in commercials – they amuse me and I like them, I even mention them in my posts – but when it comes to products I actually use, I go by effectiveness.  I’ve had four different people hit me since I bought my new vehicle and I did not stand by the roadside saying “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is There.”  I picked up my T-mobile (no animals in their commercials) cell phone and called my car insurance company Nationwide (no animals in their commercials), after I called the police (they don’t have commercials), and they took care of it.  Not only did my Nationwide insurance handle the whole shebang (I like that word) but they dealt with the other person’s insurance company who tried to lowball me (none of the wrecks were my fault).

Pigs are Great
So, in retrospect, I advise you to not judge a company by its commercials.  Animals do not make great cell phone carriers.  Animals do not make great sleep medication.  Cool jingles do not also make great car insurance companies.  My advice to you, and take this to heart, is develop a relationship with a company and by that I mean, use them for more than 6 months or a year, and they will be there for you when you need them.  I have used T-mobile ever since I first purchased a cell phone.  Whenever I have a problem with strange charges or coverage or even technical difficulties, they are more than willing to help.  They often quote the fact, as shown to them on their computers, that I have been a customer for more than a decade.  Nationwide, is the same way, I use a local company associate and they know my name when I call – which is quite often.  I’m not saying I’m a bad driver – I’m just saying my vehicle seems to have a target on it that I can’t see.

My mortgage company on the other hand is a different story.  I did not choose them.  They bought out the company that I originally had my mortgage through.  I will not name them here, for fear that in their takeover of the entire industrialized world they may hold it against me – but I hate them.  They mess up paperwork, they are incapable of being reached, they have poor customer service (to Say it politely), they do not care about me (as I am one in billions of customers and corporations that they now own), and they are, if there ever was one, hell on Earth. 

Rozerem that's who does these ads
Anyway, let’s not focus on certain companies taking over the industrialized world.  Let’s focus on me and my search for a top 3,5 or 10 list for today.  It is a global problem.  I seriously just could not think of anything to post for today so I turned on the television.  The only things on were the Lion King, Tosh.0 and Family Guy.  I just refuse to promote Disney, simply because they already make far too much money off their name brand and Tosh.0 is well, an acquired taste.  But hey, just because I can’t come up with a list doesn’t mean you can’t come up with your own.

I suggest a list of your favorite authors.  I was contemplating a list of J.R.R. Tolkien’s best works but then I realized he wrote more than just The Hobbit, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and the Silmarillion and I thought, I’ve never even heard of his other works.  So I couldn’t exactly recommend his greatest works if I’ve never read all of his works.  But then again, that is my problem.  For you, I recommend you read his books The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and his posthumous work the History of Middle Earth.

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