Monday, December 3, 2012

Word of the Day: Alexipharmic

Oh I please sweet antidote I come to you,
I was dining on the finest feast,
Savoring the greasiest of meats,
And washing it down with wine,
Made from the sweetest of grapes,
It was here that some sought my life,
For they slipped into my goblet,
The foulest and most bitter of berries,
I fear the poison has began to take hold,
And that my life my have already been forfeit,
But if you are my only hope,
I do drink you down alexipharmic potion,
In hopes you may spare my life.

Alexipharmic (a-lex-phar-mic) \ul-lek-suh-FAHR-mik\

1. warding off poisoning or infection; antidotal; prophylactic
2. an alexpharmic agent, especially an internal antidote

Now that the sweet nectar of the alexipharmic
Has made it's way between my lips.
Please make sure to share with those you know
A conversation with the aforementioned term. 
Make sure not to forget about us,
Your humblest of bards.
All we seek is an example of your work. 
May you ever be so blessed.


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