Friday, December 28, 2012

Srapcboko....Thats What my Scrapbook Looked Like

By Michala T.

I Don’t Scrapbook
I’m lucky if I even get a good dozen pictures taken in a six month period of time. It wasn’t always like that. When I was newly branded ‘mom’ I took tons of pictures. Of course I had watched hundreds of episodes of A Baby Story (thanks TLC) of all the perfect mommies who decorated their beds or backdrops of wherever they were going to take a picture of their baby. Mothers decorated their babies with flowers, costume jewelry, exotic cloths, and what have you and then the show would post the brilliant photos. Yep I tried that stuff. My pictures didn’t come out all that great (but my baby looked heavenly anyway!)

I took a whole lot of pictures those first two or three years. I have tons of pictures in photo albums and even more in photo boxes. I mean a lot! And then my second child came. I took pictures early on but not as frequently. It wasn’t that I didn’t think my second child wasn’t as photogenic or whatever. I was just slacking. I still have a load of pictures in albums and I even have a good amount in boxes, but I didn’t have the excessive amount as I’d originated with my first child.
And still I had so many loose pictures of my two children; I didn’t know what to do with them all. I decided, “Hey, I can make a scrapbook!” My first child had a good amount of pages in the scrapbook but I felt that my skills just weren’t up to par. I’d seen so many other awesome scrapbooks that were better than mine, more creative, bolder, brighter, better! My second child’s scrapbook…well, I did get maybe 5 or 6 pages in there decorated. By then I realized I don’t scrapbook. Nope…it’s not my thing. I am not interior decorator. I cannot craft books with images. I craft books with words, characters, plots…but not photos.

And then came along my third child. She was a beauty I tell you what. If there was a camera around it screamed to capture her image. Did I grab the scrapbook and try again? Heck no! I told you…I don’t scrapbook! I did take pictures…how could I not?
I felt bad for a long time though that my ability to pull together brilliant pages of art because I mean, I loved my children so shouldn’t I be able to create scrapbook pages to at least equal the amount of passion and love I had for them? But alas…that talent was not mine to claim. How else was I going to paint a canvas of my children if I couldn’t do it through scrapbooking?

Then I realized that I could paint them brilliantly through words. I began to write poetry. I studied my son and recognized the ‘old eyes’ he held. He was one of those babies who harbored an old soul within him. So I wrote a poem about that. Years later I would understand better why God gifted him with an old soul because he had battles that shouldn’t have been his at too young an age. But I believe because of his old soul, the wisdom and patience he was gifted with, he was able to come out bigger, better, and brighter.
I paint my canvases not on white canvases or white pages where pictures and decorative paper is laid in certain ways. I paint with my words. I always have. Why I tried to replace my talent…who knows. I suppose in all of us lies that dormant feeling that we might not be good enough. Fortunately I was able to overcome that hurdle.

Maybe that's a good thing though...I mean, have you seen the load of materials scrapbookers have to maintain? All I need is a paper and a pen and I'm good. :)

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