Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Smart, Cowardly, or Just Lazy

Taking the Easy Way Out: Is this just another example of being lazy?

by: Michala T.

This is a tricky question. If you were to ask people this and then show them the picture here with the Christmas lights...I'm inclined to say it was smart (or perhaps smartass-y). The house on the left is going to have a smaller electric bill. If you were to ask an insurance salesman who they would prefer to insure they would pick the person who lives in the house on the left. (They have less chance this season of getting electrocuted or falling and breaking their back or even dying.) They will also have less work to do when the season is over because...what comes up must come down.

But really, is taking the easy way out a smart thing, a lazy thing, or just a cowardly thing?

Many people, including the person who dwells in the house on the left would say that it is a smart way to live. I mean, isn't it logical to avoid expending extra energy if you can help it. Of course, sometimes there is no easy way out and those are times when the smart really buckle down and get the job done; that energy is spend getting the right things done well.

However, sometimes choosing to take the easy way out is being cowardly. Many people from the civil rights movement would probably have preferred to take the easy way out but they also knew that they would feel better about themselves if they took the other road. Passion and beliefs are distinguishable attributes in the manner. There is a higher cost in the end, to reach something you want, feel you deserve, or need to obtain.

Consider for a minute someone who commits suicide. A lot of people believe the myth that someone who kills themselves are taking the easy way out. When I hear that, I want to stare them in the eyes and ask them, "How easy do you think it was to do that?" But more importantly such stupid remarks made are done so by people who have no clear understanding of the mental anguish a person is in for them to do such a thing. Often times, they are crying out and desperately looking for any other 'easier' way for a solution to their problem.

People who want to lose weight opt for the easy way...and spend tons of money behind pills. Another costly approach and this one is definitely not smart. Such pills can have very serious and harmful affects on the body. It's also a very lazy approach to losing weight and most people who succeed in this manner find themselves back at their heavy weight (sometimes even heavier) with just a few months having passed.

As a writer, taking the easy way out is admitting a certain death. Your writing is going to likely suck from that choice. The amount of work that you must put in to write a book, well, there is no easy way out. Dedication and hard work is all that will get you that accomplishment you seek. Of course, there are those who would disagree, namely those who hire ghostwriters. They have someone write their book for them and then they take all the notice for it. That is taking the easy way out however, it cost them a lot. There future career in writing however is not likely to sustain them, unless they are willing to continue paying such a high cost.

In my opinion taking the easy way out rarely ever gets you what you want, is rarely ever cheap, and is rarely ever good for you. It is a dumb way to go about things and a lazy way to exist. UNLESS you are the person who lives in the left house.

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