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Warning: There is no graphic or lewd language or images in this post. (I did not compromise any ethical or moral part of myself to write this!

Victoria's Secret & Playboy: What's the difference?

By Michala T.

One will show Va-jay-jay’s and nipples and the other will not? Both have women with itty-bitty ta-ta’s, although Playboy will show the more voluptuous ones as well. How else do you characterize the differences? Granted, there are a bit more trashiness sometimes in Playboy magazines but isn’t that really all just one’s opinion? How can one of these Victoria Secret’s pictures be deemed sexy and respectable and a Playboy picture here is deemed trashy? I mean, they look quite similar to me.
Isn’t it just a combination of lifestyles and worldviews?
For women and men alike it is the perfect compromise. It can be embarrassing getting caught or seen looking at a Playboy magazine…even though it is shipped in discreet wrapping. However, the Victoria’s Secret magazine is perfectly acceptable, normal, and is easily found in just about any home. Why, men will even order the subscription ‘for their wife’ just so they can have a magazine to…well, you know.
What would you do if you found a V.S magazine in your teenage son’s room? Well, obviously…he is looking for the perfect birthday gift for his girlfriend. HA! Yeah right!

Just as the topic of these magazines can be a greyed area and one for in-depth debate, so too is the topic of soft porn or mommy porn as it is sometimes labeled. Of course, the most popular series today is both far-reaching and widely recognized: The Fifty Shades of Grey Series. This series explores the world of BDSM (Bondage/Discipline,Submission/Masochism. I admit, I read it. I wanted to see what all the hub-bub was and as a book reviewer, such a popular book piqued my curiosity. (I must add that I thought the writer was not that good at all, and I have read better, much better in fact.) The steamy relationship was an instant hit and sold more than 40 million copies worldwide. (It is still on the NY Times bestseller list even today!)There are other mommy-porn books, such as Hilary Boyd’s Thursdays in the Park which was a much better read and the characters were better written too. (Though…this book is dubbed ‘granlit’ because the main character is in her 60’s, it too provides erotica to the readers.
It seems it is more acceptable to read soft porn, mommy porn, and granlit than it is to read playboy. I wonder…if Playboy were all articles and stories (no pictures) would people still read it? Perhaps because it is intended for men (and I am not making the remark that men don’t read or aren’t interested in reading-I’m just saying men do enjoy a more visual arousal as women enjoy the stimulating emotional arousal) perhaps the Playboy magazine wouldn’t be quite as popular.
When does such writing cross the line from sexy into the stage or level of horrendous? Does the woman have to be in physical pain for it to be horrendous? Does emotional pain and anguish amount to a level of horrendousness? Is it not ‘smut’ if it is written with style, and perfect grammar, and let us not forget to include the much-needed level of intimacy. One lady said, “I loved that it was a great love story” Reference Does that mean it’s not erotica or smut or whatever you want to call it?
To me, it sounds as if we have found the ‘perfect compromise’ for the female fantasy.
It did not begin with Twilight but…everybody has said or heard the comment, “Edward is stalkerish, controlling, and very domineering. Fifty Shades was even produced thanks to the fan pages of Twilight. Women LIKE the idea of being controlled. One woman replied, “"But when you're a young mom and everyone depends on you for everything -- your husband your mother -- the idea of having someone take care of you and telling you what to do, even in twisted sense, it rocks their boat." Reference

So instead of telling your spouse or boyfriend, “Listen, I need you to be more aggressive when we have sex” or “I like when….” they instead go for this erotica BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT IT IS….they aren’t going to be getting pleased by their man…which ultimately means their man ain’t getting pleased. At this point, does it matter who cheats first? Because in my eyes…the people who picked up the book and let it control their thoughts and fulfill their needs…is just as big a cheater as the other.
What is next? Wait…I know>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
The perfect compromise between Emotional cheating and physical cheating.

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