Friday, December 7, 2012

FULL ACCESS: Book Cover Revealing!

By: Michala T.

I have not been blogging for a very long time but I can tell you that it is definitely sometimes very exhausting work, rewarding but exhausting. I can also tell you there is something even harder; without a doubt harder than almost anything I’ve ever done. That is writing a book.
Writing a book forces you to find and keep a clear, focused vision and voice. It challenges you in ways you would never ever expect. It requires a super level of dedication and passion and for a long period. It hurts, it sucks, it’s wicked cool, and it’s way better than any other high one could live through.

Obviously, I have a mass amount of respect for anyone and everyone who undertakes this process whether they succeed or not. Today, more importantly, I am proud to celebrate a dear colleague (among the land of writers) and friend of mine, Ashley Torbeck, on having made it through this process with her SECOND BOOK. Ashley has written an amazing series, her first being Daughters of Night: Sanctuary, and this next being Possession. She has turned her beautiful ideas into captivating stories for the Young Adult and Adult alike.
I have gotten to see some of the behind the scenes stuff Ashley had endured while writing her stories. I have seen her argue and fuss with characters, cry over them, and take small kernel-size ideas and spin them into gigantic massive tales.

I am proud to display her newest novel’s book cover. This first glance sneak peak is only available here for a limited time. A huge congratulations to Ashley and a great big THANKS to everyone in her life who supported her in another exciting journey.
And so….we finally, with eager exhilaration, BiteMyBook is thrilled to reveal the cover for the upcoming book Daughters of Night: Possession.

Full View
Message from the Author

          "Thank you so much to Michala and the rest of the folks at Bite My Book for graciously agreeing to be a part of the big cover reveal! It was an absolute incredible experience working with my illustrator, StepherBell, who is a phenomenal artist and longtime friend of mine. The collaboration was an absolute breeze working with her. She really brought Carmen alive and gave her the face I always saw in my mind while writing the books. She's standing inside the cave from the big fight scene, and StepherBell really captured the theme very well, down to the detail in the mountains. I really couldn't wait to do the reveal, and I'm so glad the secret is finally out!"   -Ashley A. Torbeck
For More Information..
On the book series or to ask Ashley how she manages to write such amazing books or how you can purchase a copy, we offer you all the many ways to get in touch with her!

 Special Price
You can pre-order a copy of Daughters of Night: Possession on Ashley’s official site for a discounted price ($6.99 US verses $9.99 US) and only on the official site can readers request autographed copies.  Also, readers and authors alike can check out more work by StepherBell at

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