Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Villian #1: Scut Farkus

By: Michala T.

Zack Wark Scut Scott Farkus Farcus A Christmas Story
Scut Farkus....what mother would ever name their kid Scut. This boy was the world's greatest villian from 1983 and on. I don't believe there was a single house in the month of December where some child or adult looked at this kid and, I'd never want to go against him and then was cheering Ralphie on when he beat ol' Scut up. This boy picked on Ralphie and his friends forever and a day. He would grab kids, scare kids, punch kids, and chase kids until they peed their pants. I think the world rejoiced when Scut got up with a bloody nose after Ralphie
went all crazy on him for taunting him and calling him a crybaby. Scut, otherwise known as Zack Ward didn't hang up his acting hat after A Christmas Story. He appeared in all kinds of shows including, The Transformers, Deadwood, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, and of course...CSI (who hasn't been on that show!) He almost didn't act though! He wanted to act but his mom, who was an actress herself was all for having a normal boy. He finally got his way though and was among 300 other children who were auditioning to play the part of Grover. When he got his callback he won the role of Grover. It wasn't until he was on set that the director told him he'd be playing the role of Scut Farkus instead.

I doubt they could have found a better Scut! Ever! What do you think?

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  1. He sure did an awesome job bringing Scut to life in the film, and I can imagine Zack cheering Ralphie on while Ralphie beat the stuffing out of Scut as revenge for bullying him, too. :)