Sunday, December 30, 2012

Breaking Up is Hard to Do...

By JccKeith

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been hard at work and hardly working.  I haven’t been posting on the site as much due to my services being needed elsewhere.  Everyone in my house has managed to come down with a different version of the plagues going around this year.  It fell to me to see to their every need and make sure they were getting enough fluids, enough pain relief, having their temperatures taken and other necessities.

On the flip side, I haven’t had time to write so I’ve hardly been working on that at all.  Fortunately, my brain has a habit of distracting itself from the situations at hand and was hard at work.  Sifting through the details of my favorite novel in progress, it was rearranging and reevaluating everything.

I discussed previously in the Journey With Me post about giving up my deep seated need to adhere to the facts associated with our reality here on Earth and in our universe.  Breaking up with reality was tough enough.  With the break up came the opening up of new avenues of thought and interaction.  But as with all break ups, there was a lot of collateral damage.

Many of my character interactions involved things like phones and televisions and other media.  With the giving up of Earth like things, I had to say goodbye to these as well.  Simply renaming these technologies with some creative play of words or slightly differing description is not acceptable.  Using different names for technologies clearly from Earth is like saying you have invented a new doll by putting different clothes on the old one.  It is a sham.  It is laziness hiding under a curtain of what appears to be creativity.

True creativity requires not the slight altering of old things and pretending they are something completely different.  Rather it is the expansion upon old ideas to create new ones or the invention of new ideas separate from old ones entirely.

In this realization of my reliance on Earth technologies as the basis for my supposed different technologies, I recognized something else.  The peoples inhabiting my world were far too numerous.  I had to ask myself, why is Earth on the verge of overpopulation?  It is because we have made remarkable advancements in sanitation, medicine, housing, industrialization and even in food production and mass distribution.

On a world not as advanced, people would not number in the billions - due to premature death, illnesses, lack of ability to sustain food and habitation for large numbers of people.  If my world was to have a larger population, they would have to have made advancements in civilization by way of mass production, mass distribution, mass communication and of course, some industrialization. 

My world is intricately linked with gods and goddesses who regularly interact with the people.  So I had to decide, do I give these gods the desire to provide technological advancements and to what extent?  Research shows that the more knowledge people gain, the more technological they become - the less they believe in religions.  Granted, this is Earth research where there appears to be no way to prove the existence of a god or gods or supernatural powers of any kind other than faith.  In my world, the gods are not so distant and are readily accessible and able to be seen.  There is little ‘faith’ involved as the gods are gods and the people know their existence to be factual through personal experience.

Not my characters
but hey, it's a group of
But enough about technology and deities.  I have recently discovered; much to my dismay, that some of my characters will also have to go.  Having become personally attached and intimately involved in these character’s lives, breaking up is harder to do.  Saying “bye-bye, maybe see you later in another story,” isn’t just tough on me.  It is tough on my other characters with which they interacted.  I have to cut off certain story subplots.  With well over 100,000 words, the novel itself could handle the trimming of a subplot or two but I still feel some sadness.

As the true creator of my novel, I have the ultimate decisions to make.  Many characters will simply no longer exist.  I am about to wipe them from existence.  They will be no more than the debris left by my pencil’s eraser as I obliterate their presence.  Some of the main characters will find their lives are suddenly much more difficult.  

As I begin my work of rebuilding I just have to remind myself  - the creator giveth and the creator taketh away.

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