Thursday, December 6, 2012

4 Awesome Christmas Songs/Vidoes Part 1

With it being December, we all know the radios are playing Christmas music. Here in Louisville, they actually started a week before Thanksgiving!

To honor the holidays, every Thursday this month I'm going to bring four songs to Bitemybook.

Snoopy's Christmas by The Royal Guardsmen

 This song follows another song, "Snoopy vs. the Red Baron" and it tells the story of Snoopy fighting the Red Baron on Christmas Eve. It's a pleasant song if you listen to the lyrics because instead of continuing to battle, after the Red Baron shoots Snoopy down, he invites him in for a holiday toast. Of course, the battle will continue but on another night because that night was Christmas Eve.

For the history buffs, this song might remind you of "The Christmas Truce" during World War 1. The soldiers decided to have a cease-fire because of the Christmas holiday. They exchanged gifts with the enemies, and shared pictures of their loved ones even!

Santa Clause Is Watching You by Ray Stevens

This song, like many of his hits, is just hilarious and fun. How can you NOT like this song?

I want a Hippotamus For Christmas

Gayla Peevey, age 10, performed this Christmas novelty song in 1953. The success of the song elicited a campaign/fundraiser to raise enough money to buy Gayla a real hippo. $3000 later Gayla had a baby hippo. She donated it to the city zoo after naming it Matilda. Matilda lived almost 50 years.

Little Saint Nick by The Beach Boys

Brian Wilson and Mike Love wrote this song. The Beach Boys performed the song in 1963, peaking at #69. Although the media was very quiet that Christmas due to the assassination of President Kennedy, the song was well received and brightened the moods of many. Little Saint Nick is quite frequently misnamed Run Run Reindeer thanks to the lyrics. Coca-Cola used this song in one of their dearly-loved polar bear Christmas commercials too!

What Christmas Songs are your favorite?

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  1. He's everywhere, he's everywhere!! Haha, haven't seen that in years, thanks for reminding me to brush up on my stalker skills this holiday season. :D