Thursday, November 8, 2012

Word of the Day: Stem-winder

So sorry I am late's this darn watch. I know, I know I should replace it with a new battery powered digital watch. But there is just something about turning the stem on my watch to wind it. It is rather an old-fashion thing. And in this world of super flashy high tech at the touch of a button devices, this bit of the old way seem comforting. With that said let us now flip through and see how the define stem-winder.

Stem-winder (stem-wind-er) \STEM-wyne-der\, noun;
1. a stem-winding watch

2. one that is first-rate of its kindd; especially: a stirring speech

Now that we have seen how stem-winder might be used, run off and tell all your friends. And while I sit here and wind my watch please leave us something down below. Thank you.

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