Thursday, November 15, 2012

Word of the Day: Dovetail

Welcome friends to my little workshop. Come on in and make yourselves feel comfortable. Today we are going to focusing on how to create a dovetail joint. But before we do that let us think of the metaphorical use of the word dovetail. Whenever two things come together and fit quite nicely to form a harmonious union we often refer to this as the two things dovetailing. So before we get started let us see what has to say.

 Dovetail (dove-tail) \DUHV-teyl\

 1. To join or fit together compactly or harmoniously

2. To join or fit together by means of a carpentry dovetail or dovetails

 1. In carpentry, a tenon broader at its end than at its base; pin

2. In carpentry, a joint formed of one or more such tenons fitting tightly within corresponding mortises.

...and that is how you form a strong joint that will add stublity to your project. But let use not forget the metaphorical use of the word dovetail as well. So be sure to share what you learned here today and spread it around. Please make sure to leave us something down below as well. Thank you.

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