Monday, November 19, 2012

What They Said: Thomas Paine Being A Pain

By JccKeith


“The greatest remedy for anger is delay.” – Thomas Paine Janurary 29, 1737 – June 8, 1809

Now that is some serious wisdom people.  But I cannot disagree more.  I will overlook Mr. Paine’s shortsightedness, however, since he existed prior to the technological age. 

I say, do not delay, let your anger overtake you!  Rise I say!  Rise to the occasion!  Now is the time, right when you are angriest, to search through the object of your anger’s emails, phone calls, text messages, snail mail and personal belongings. 

Grab your own phone and fire off a few angry text messages.  Say the nastiest, most terrible things you can think of while they’re fresh in your head.  Bring up old wrongs and past misdeeds.  Let them inspire your anger onward.  Make an angry phone call and leave that hateful message.  If you don’t act now, how can you possibly be expected to properly overreact? 

Emotional drama requires immediate response to wrongs done to you whether actual or merely perceived.  You will need that anger to fuel your rage.  You will need that energy to carry you through the impending argument.  Let your anger go, let it rest a while, and you risk losing it forever!

Blind emotional fury requires anger to ignite.  Strike while the iron is hot.  Anger is one of those wonderful emotions that once fueled is easily increased beyond control.  It has that amazing snow ball effect. You become angry about one thing then everything enrages you and fuels the growing fire.

I mean come on, Mr. Paine, everyone knows the best remedy for anger is really getting it all off your chest.  Let the other person have it!  Don’t hold back, why should you carry the burden of pain all on your own?  Be mean, be vindictive and be right.  Don’t let reason have its way with your mind, no sir, block out all rationality in exchange for anger.

If you cannot search the home or car of whoever made you angry, or cannot find your own phone or can’t act right away then don’t be dissuaded.  Refuse to let go of that anger, keep it simmering there just beneath the surface.  Use the time to plot your revenge.  After all, revenge is a dish best served cold.

Seriously, Thomas Paine was a brilliant man.  His statement is simple and to the point.  The best way to calm down is just to give it some time.  Anger is an instant emotion and not a rational one.  It rapidly gives way to reason.  So while the above litany was amusing, it is unfortunately how some people react to being wronged.  

Don’t be one of them.

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