Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What does Obama and Frozen Custard Have in Common?

By: Michala T.
They both appear in Peewee Herman’s blog! Did you even know that Peewee Herman even had a blog? Um…yeah, I didn’t know that until today either. And I had a headache after I was done reading it. It was like watching Peewee’s Playhouse all over again; a tilt-a-whirl of topics splattered all over the place.

His cure for the world’s ailments, disasters, and current events is to buy the world a frozen custard? I’m  so so confused.

Okay, first, he is still speaking to all his ‘boys and girls’ as if his loyal children from the early 90’s grew up and followed him to his blog here…I don’t think so! And he’s teaching ‘us’ about the storm and its far reaching devastation. And by devastation I mean the decimation of FunTown Amusement Pier in New Jersey. I don’t mean to be rude but THAT is his focus? He’s concerned about the Tower of Fear and the Top Spin, “stuff that dreams are made of” and how fast the world can rebuild it! Give me a friggin’ break! OMG!!!

I know, you’re wondering where the Frozen Custard comes in. Patience my friends, this is the mind of Peewee Herman we are analyzing here!

His track of thinking was on Jersey Shore and so he thinks about his bestest buddy Mike Sorrentino, who…wait for it….bought him a frozen custard! There! There it is. I’m sorry, we aren’t finished yet. Peewee goes on a rambling about the superiority of ice cream, yogurt, and milk and what not. And then lists the million and two flavors of Frozen Custard. 

By eating a Frozen Custard we would all know how special Jersey Shore is. Thus sayeth Peewee Herman.  (Does your head hurt yet?)

And as a blogger, he feels it is his duty to tell us his presidential endorsement (of course!).  But, he has only NOW finally decided. (I wonder which flavor of frozen custard tipped his ballot choice.) No…it wasn’t just the custard….it was BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN of wait a minute……….yep….NEW JERSEY who showed up beside President Obama.

So let me get this right>>>>>>>

Disaster Storm>>Awesome Amusement Park Gone>>New Jersey>>Best Friend>>Frozen Custard>>Bruce Springsteen>>President Obama

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

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