Sunday, November 4, 2012

Turn up the music to get the thinking going!


I had variables occurring that resulted in my inability to write until very very late this evening. And when I did get to the computer to start working on the novel I had nothing in my head. AHHH!

I mean nothing. I was fretting. And then I pulled out my writing music. Everyone needs to have that music compilation that gets them in the perfect mood for thinking and writing. I hadn’t even moved into song two when the gears started turning.

And finally I sat down to write. It didn’t come all at one. I had to force a little bit of it in the beginning of the chapter but when you are writing you can’t always write the perfect novel. This is a first draft. Remember that! It’s okay if it’s not marvelous and pristine. In fact…very few people in this world will ever be able to create a first manuscript in such a fashion.

Anyway, that music is an element that I have to have;  especially when I’m stuck without any ideas.  It doesn't work for everyone, I know, but music has a way of filtering out all the excess sounds and thoughts going on in and around you.

The chapter was a very neat chapter, I’ll give you that. And I learned a bit more about my male character. And now I understand why he was making such a fuss about having a more leading role.

Fun fun fun!

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  1. This is exciting stuff!! I'm so glad to hear you're making such phenomenal progress. I was considering starting a word war with you, but after seeing your word count, but I'm a bit worried that you'll kick my behind so hard I won't be able to sit for a week!! Lol, keep it up girl, you're amazing and you're off to one heck of a good start!