Monday, November 12, 2012

Sunday Photo: Who Needs a Mailbox?

Yeah, It's a Mailbox
By JccKeith

Yes, yes it is technically Monday but hey, cut me some slack I haven't been well.  This brings me to the picture.  After being sick for a few days and not opening the laptop to type or to even check Facebook, I was starting to feel like I fell off the face of the Earth.  Technically, no that is not possible but it's a great phrase.

So, lying in bed feeling unwell, I thought about this feeling of being out of touch with the rest of the world and I started thinking about how people used to communicate and keep in touch.  Then I started thinking about mailboxes.  Hey, I never said all of my thoughts were the stuff of genius.  So back to mailboxes.

  • Since it was Sunday and I was due to post a Sunday photo, I figured I might flip on the old laptop and find a good picture of a unique mailbox.  To my surprise, people have some pretty odd mailboxes, aside from those creepy ones shaped likes dogs, cats and cows.

Trolling through picture after picture, all in the name of entertaining you wonderful readers, I found what I thought was the best makeshift mailbox.  I can't help but think this is not sitting in front of some mansion in some wealthy neighborhood.  I doubt that's the case.  At first I thought it was tacky and trashy but then I thought, you know, maybe these people are big friends of the environment.  Rather than toss their old crappy microwave out in a dumpster to be sent to some landfill and contaminate the ground and take up space for thousands of years - they recycled it.

That is some hardcore recycling, some dedicated environmentalists.  Then again, I might be reaching on that estimation.  I may just be giving these people a little too much credit.  Maybe they're just people with a good old fashioned sense of humor.  I might have to steal their idea.  My mailbox is about to fall over and I'm in need of a new microwave.

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