Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sometimes it is just that easy!

11.7.2012By Michala T
Having worked all night and then coming home to vote and then to bed only to get a few hours of sleep, I was tired all day long today. And yet with all the activities going on around the house since the husband and children were home I was fighting every urge I had inside me to close my eyes and sleep. I had to go to a mandatory meeting in the middle of my day so any sleep I attempted would have only been interrupted anyway so I stayed awake. I wasn’t capable of doing much beyond thinking about the book though. I really enjoy my day ( job. I'm blessed to have a great team who I work with and people who I respect and respect me so I didn't complain about the meeting.

Afterwards I came home; I was supposed to go dancing with my husband. He has no understanding that during the month of November I don’t have time for such things! I mean I am feeling totally guilty for going to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 and feel like if I can get ahead enough in my word count I might not feel AS guilty taking a day off. (I likely will come home after the movie and write anyway!) Anyway…I was all set to go but then I learned he had pulled a muscle in his arm while working outside. So we stayed home and played DOTS with our seven year old, listened to our thirteen year old argue with our ten year old, and we watched the television. Just another peaceful restful day. The kind of day that you want to close your eyes and SLEEP. All the while…my brain was going nonstop with thoughts of my rogue character and trying to determine what his role in the story was. He isn’t talking much yet but he is definitely making his presence known. Sleep may have been in my body but definitely not in my mind.

Late into the evening I was still fighting the sleep battle with my eyes. I just wanted to close my eyes and rest for just a little bit. I sparked a conversation trying to explain to my husband how frustrating this month was already in regards to writing this book in 30 days. He doesn’t get it one bit. It's really an emotional roller coaster ride; one that I can't explain but I honestly had the thought today, "why the hell would anybody willingly do this to themselves!"

Anyway, with all the frenzy of the election going on I was having a severe case of the ‘no creativity’ sickness going on.  I seriously was thinking today would be the first day I would go to bed without having written a single word. I had plenty of notes sprawled across my bed while learning Obama was once again president for another four years. I had worked out a few kinks while jotting notes and was definitely liked some of the turn of events. I realized more about the characters but more so about the story itself. This was new as thus far its all been character driven. Today I was efficiently working on the story part of it and I could finally see a beginning, middle, and ending. You have no idea how great that felt! And it came so...easily. I guess sometimes it is just that easy!  

With the presidential results in I finally turned the TV off and Pandora Music on. I opened up a Microsoft word page to prepare for another chapter. It came quietly but easily. It ended up being a fun chapter full of that soundless but heavy trouble that lays heavy in the air. I am making certain every chapter has some of that good stuff…that makes you want to flip to the next page really fast to find out what happens.  That’s important. I don’t want boring chapters. Boring means…yawn…sleepy eyes…lack of interest…no reader. There’s none of that in this story! I hate that I can't edit though. I can tell I need some severe description addition to the story. I'm great with's the description that I need to work on. But that will have to come after November. Hopefully that too comes easy; I doubt it though.

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