Friday, November 2, 2012

Solitary Doesn't Have To Mean Lonely

I really stressed for the better part of every waking moment all night long last night. If I woke up to go to the bathroom…I was stressing about the plotline of my story. If the tv (which my husband refused to turn off-I cannot wait until these elections are over) woke me up I found myself thinking about the story. Seriously overthinking it would be an understatement. And day 1 wasn’t even done yet. LOL  Upon waking this morning guess what I do…stress more!
Then I hop online and score big time! I get to chat with a friend/author who has spun some pretty awesome tales of her own. And after talking with her my stress was gone, my confidence boosted, and my direction firmly set.
I’m telling you, whether you are writing a book during NaNoWriMo or any time of the year, you have got to find yourself a good solid friend (or two) who also writes. During November there are write-ins where you can meet people and write around and with them all month long. But these people become friends well past November. Your writing buddies are vital because sometimes you need to bounce ideas, talk through your stressors (like I needed to this morning), or just get amped up by their own writing. Writing is a very solitary art…but there is no sense making it lonelier than it has to be.
As for the story…it is entirely different than what it started as. But that’s okay. I finally accepted it: chin up, brave face on. I will have to go back and rewrite or add stuff in chapters one and two but I’m not allowed to do that during NaNoWriMo…so I forge ahead with the story it has evolved into. My main character Jessica’s backstory has developed more and I’m learning quite a bit about her. My rogue man got his way and landed a more important role but he has yet to say a whole lot. What he has said...demands attention though. :)
I was worried my ‘ghosts’ aspect would be lost if I changed the story but it in fact grew exponentially. I’m pacing myself and getting to know everyone while at the same time trying to tap the keyboard as though I’m holding the ball and I’ve got seconds left before the buzzer goes off. Also changed the working title also. I wasn't very fond of the previous title anyway; it was only there to fill space. This one however fits much better.
I finally got my awesome book (thank you mailperson!)  Every writer should have this book glued to their side. The Emotion Thesaurus by Ackerman and Puglish. It’s a life-savor!
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  1. Way to go on the word count, that is amazing for only 2 days in!!! Keep it up and keep pressing on, because you are definitely off to a great start!