Saturday, November 17, 2012

Revolutionize Your Thinking

By JccKeith

It’s time for a revolution people!  Wake up and smell the coffee.  Actually, wake up and smell the stench of something rotten.  Seriously people, this is my day to rant and this is it.  How many people have to roam the streets homeless and hungry before we stop going about our lives as though there is no problem? 

How many innocent people must be killed to destroy one monster hiding among them?  How long will we look the other way while tragedies occur all over the world, people live and die miserably and we bicker amongst ourselves about not getting what we deserve? 

Was your coffee from McDonald’s this morning too hot?  Did it burn your tongue?  Awww… you poor thing, you should sue.  Did that woman at the Homemade Pie Kitchen not give you a big enough scoop of ice cream?  You should complain.  Did your coworker get that promotion at work instead of you?  You should talk about him/her behind their back to others. 

Curse You Technology!
Was it too cold this morning for you, did you have to put on some gloves?  Awww… that must have been terrible.  Are your shoes wearing out, need to run off to the nearest store and buy a new pair?  Maybe your steak was a little too done at the restaurant?  Is your new iPhone not working the way you want it to?  Is your internet running a little slow?  Is your Halo game lagging?  Maybe it’s worse than all of that, maybe you have no cell phone service wherever you’re resting your comfortably clothed fanny.

Revolution is at hand, it’s time for a changing of our ways of thinking.  I’m not asking everyone to give up their lives and join the Peace Corps or give all of their belongings away and serve the poor.  I’m just saying that as people we need to stop focusing on the minute ridiculous details of our own individual lives.

Look around and see that not only is the US economy in trouble, everyone is in trouble.  This world is falling apart around us.  People are not caring about people.  We are focusing on our differences in culture, political affiliation, religious beliefs and nationality.  We should be focusing on what binds us all together, on our commonality as members of humanity. 

I’m just asking people to make a difference by refusing to continue the trend of narcissism overtaking the world.  Be a rebel and don’t complain about your cell phone for an entire day.  Practice a random act of kindness.  Pay it forward and all that benevolent stuff.  Stop being so petty. 

The next time you find yourself about to complain about something, ask yourself if your complaint will serve any useful purpose, will it benefit anyone, will it make any difference at all other than contributing to ruining someone else’s day or perpetuating a negative environment?  The next time someone deliberately antagonizes you or is mean to you, really piss them off by being nice in return.  Smile, compliment them, refuse to engage in a meaningless and useless argument.

For future reference however, I would like to state that I will continue to complain as I see fit over anything that perturbs me in any way because my complaints are always justified.  Also, I will make a point of stating my opinion whenever someone voices theirs because my opinion is that important that it should always be known to everyone at all times.  Now see how ridiculous and arrogant that sounds?

Happy Thanksgiving anyway.   Now go out and be grateful for all that you do have, no matter how small or meager that may be.  If you are able, share the wealth even if it’s only a smile. J

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