Monday, November 5, 2012

Opinions/Rants/Raves: Screw You World Edition!

By William G. Muir
Sometimes I just want to say a SCREW YOU to the world! I am so sick and tire of the world telling me I should feel like I don't matter. I am so tire of the world dumping all its shit on me and then expecting me to sit by and take. I so sick and tired of listening to people bitch and complain about of how awful life is. But as soon as I even try to share my feelings with them they react like I am the biggest baby in the world. That somehow I don't have the right to say anything because there are other people in the world that have problems. That I should feel ashamed for even daring to think my issues matter at all. How dare I be so selfish.

I am tired of feeling like I do not have a voice. Everybody else has people that will advocate for them. But when I look around I do not see anyone standing by me. I am tired of being told I am part of the problem just because I happen to be a man and white and an American. Sure there are a lot of asshole white guys out there, but that is not me. You have simply judged me before you ever got a chance to know me. Not everybody that shares the same skin color or the same set of reproductive organs think a like. I am an individual person with my own thoughts and needs. I am person, not some stereotype.

I am tired of being made to feel stupid because I do not know all the rules of grammar. The English language is difficult people. Yet because I am a native born English speaker I am somehow expect to know every single rule of the language by heart. Well I am sorry, but I am not naturally inclined to find the study of language easy. For me it is a struggle to figure out when a hyphen, colon, semicolon or a comma is needed. Please keep this in mind before you criticize me or anyone else that does not meet your standards of proper grammar usage. We are not all lazy, some of us are trying our best. We could use your support instead of your insults.

The same goes for my vocabulary. I try my hardest to learn the meaning of words that I do not know. But for whatever reason, no matter how much I try I just can't seem to retain that vast majority of them. I would love to be able to hear a word and automatically know what it means. But I do not. Instead I just nod my head and pretend like I do know what the meaning of the word is. Everybody else seems to know what the word in question means. I don't want to be the only one that doesn't.

I hate being made to feel like I am no good. I am sick and tired of being alone. Why is it that no matter how hard I try I will never be able to win the heart of a woman. It seems like in life I have been dealt a losing hand. Whatever it is I am doing it is the wrong thing. Even when I try and do whatever it is that other guys are trying, it is wrong. I am tired of putting in all the effort of trying to get a woman to notice me only to have her go after my friend that didn't say hello to her. I was the one that put in the time. I am the one that tried to figure out what it was that she was interested in. But in the end none of that mattered. I am just was not the right guy.

I am also tired of being made to feel inferior. So I am not Brad Pitt, I am not any of the guys from the Twilight movies. I am not whatever that guy is from the 50 Shades of Grey novels. But I am a person. I do have feelings. I can and do feel emotional pain. But for some reason my feelings do not seem to matter. Just because I don't have rock hard abs, a big bank account and look like a Hollywood movie star it seems alright to ignore how I feel.

Every time I see a lady post a picture of some “hunky” firemen; police officer or what other guy that they thing of as Mr. Right I feel ashamed of myself. No matter how hard I try I will never be those guys. I was just not blessed with the right genes. I am been cursed by evolution to be seen as unappealing. I might as well crawl into a cave somewhere and live out my life so I do scare the womenfolk with my hideousness.

I am tired of being told I do not get it. I tired of hearing women complaining about the standards that they must live up to. Of how they are made to feel inferior about themselves and how they hate their bodies. And then to have these same women turn around and tell me it is not the same for men. That men are not objectified the way women are. Really. Are you kidding me. You women judge us men very harshly. If we do not live up to these very high standards you have set, you want nothing to do with us. And you will dismiss us with just one glance. Please stop complaining how hard it is to get a man. When you make even harder for the majority of us guys to find a woman.

How come what it is that a woman says she wants in a man is not what she actually goes after. We all know what it is that a woman says she wants. She wants a guy who is funny and kind and writes poetry and loves kids and is not afraid to commit. Blah Blah Blah. Sure she wants those things. She just wants them from a guy that is cruel, has a sick sense of humor, has never even read a poem in his life, much less write one. Hates kids, matter of fact he has six kids through five different women. None of them he supports. And runs a dog fighting ring in his back yard.

It's not that there are not “good guys” out there. It is just you women just look right through us. Women might tell themselves they want a good guy, but I know better than this. I have sat in enough break rooms and have over heard plenty of conversations in my time to know that most women are not attracted to the "nice guy" in any shape or form. If women were honestly attracted to the nice guy the phrase "I don't want to ruin our friendship" would never exist. Cause that all a nice guy can ever be. Just a friend.

I am tired that I must hide the fact that I am an Atheist to large portions of the world. I am tired of being judged because I do not see the proof for the existence of God(s). I am tired of being told that I must respect your religion the whole time you are bashing me for my lack of belief in one. I do not hate religion. And I sure do not hate your God(s). I can't hate your God, I do not believe in him.

I have no interest in taking your religion away from you. I just don't wish you to force your religion on myself and the other millions and millions of Americans that do not believe the same as you do. I wish we could all just get along. And I know the vast majority of religious people are good upstanding people who would never try to force their beliefs on others. But there is a very vocal minority in every religion that would be happy to rule over everybody. It is those people that I am opposed to.

Life is to short to worry about what the other person believes in. We should all try to live together as brothers and sisters, no matter what it is the other person believes in.

I am sick and tired of the political divide in this country today. I hate the fact that a simple bumper sticker to show support for your side can lead to either your propriety being damaged, or even worse, your physical person being harmed. What has happened in this country? When did the extremist on both sides take over?

The worst thing is not that you can't have a reasonable conversation with someone on the other side. No the absolute worst thing is that you can't not agree with everything your own side believes in. It has come to a point in this country that political dogmas are so entrenched that if you dare question them you will be branded a traitor to the cause.

Because I am a skeptic I don't accept a position just because someone else says I should hold it. I need some evidence of why that is the position I should accept. Show me some proof, show me some studies that support your argument. But sadly politics is not done that way today. And I am not talking about the politicians. I am talking about the party supporters. They believe that just because they say something that it should be automatically taken as the truth. I am sorry, I just don't operate like that.

What I hate most of all is my own self-doubt. I am so tired of having let my own sense of self worth to have been chipped away by the world around me for all these years. I use to be a someone that was so sure of himself. I was someone that at one time thought that what I thought and said truly did matter. But now it has gotten to the point that at this very moment I am thinking of deleting this post instead of copying and pasting it from this Openoffice document. I am seriously thinking of not posting this at all. And that is sad.  

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