Friday, November 30, 2012

NaNoWrMo: Judy

Now that I have finish this years NaNoWrMo write  50,000 words in 30 days I thought I would share with you our readers just a sample of what I have been working on. Let me warn you that this is very rough and there are mistakes here. But I just want to put this out there and see what kind of feedback it receives.  

By: William G. Muir
Judy O'Brian was not your average girl. It could be said that she was a tomboy, if that term was still a valid one in the twenty-first century. But Judy didn't like that term at all. A tomboy implied that she was a girl that had boy habits. While she wasn't into playing with dolls or keeping a diary, those things that were often thought to be girlie.

She wasn't into anything having to do with boys either.

If you were to ask Judy how she described herself, she would call herself a Geek Girl. Instead of writing a secret diary she blogged her every thought for the world to read. She kept in touch with her Geek Girl friends across both the country and the world through both Twitter and Facebook. When she was done with her school work she liked getting online and playing the popular MMORPG such as World of Warcraft.

Judy was indeed a girl, if somewhat unorthodoxed in her behavior. What she wasn't was the kind to follow pop trends and fawn of the likes of Justin Beiber and One Direction. She liked bands that played the indie circuit. At the moment her favorite band was Riots in Reno. There sound was a mix of Goth mixed with some 90's underground Electronica with splash of ska. It was rather eccentrically tone with a high energy melancholic upbeat rhythm.

Judy O'Brian was certainly one of a kind. Which Alex was beginning to find out as she walked with him home with him from the library.

“...and I saw you coming out of Santa's Workshop.” Judy said. “I was curious why a boy your age would be talking to a mall Santa in the first place.

Not sure if he should tell Judy the reason he was there or not. He had just met her and already she was treating him like they were friends that hadn't seen each other in years and she wanted to know what he had been up to in that time. But they weren't old friends, they weren't friends of any type at all. Sure Alex needed to make friends but was Judy the sort of person he wanted to be friends with.

She was weird.

At the moment her hair was up in pigtail, nothing wrong with that one might think. That is until one got a good look and noticed her pigtails were split in two. So instead of just one set of pigtails she had total of four pigtails.

Then there was her outfit, once again nothing wrong with it, if she was a sitcom character from the 1980s. She had on a long sleeved bright green t-shirt with a yellow tank top over that. She wore a fade blue jean jacket that had pins on it that said stuff like RELAX!; Save Ferris; Jessie's Girl; 867-5309 along with many others. Her jeans were normal enough, just faded denim. What was odd was the way she wore them. Her left leg was worn perfectly normal, nothing odd about it at all. Her right one the other hand was rolled almost all the way up to her knee.

The socks she wore were two different styles. The sock she wore on her right foot was a knee length with broad purple and yellow strips. The other sock, on her left foot was a pink bobby sock. Not only were her sock different so was her shoe. On her right foot she wore a red high-top canvas sneaker. On her left foot she had on a green low-top canvas sneaker. She finished her outfit of with a red bandana tied just above her left knee and a black bandana tied around her right elbow. To top it off she wore a raspberry beret.

Coming to the conclusion that a weird friend was better than no friend at all Alex decided to answer her question. “It had something to do with something my grandmother told me.”

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