Thursday, November 1, 2012

NaNo Experience

11.1.2012 10pm

I went to a small coffee shop and sat in the back where there were four walls, no windows, and two tables in a small room. NO DISTRACTIONS! There was one other lady in there however. I sat down, opened my computer, and sat there staring a blank screen for a good twenty minutes. I just couldn’t for the life of me open my chapter. Ugh! It was driving me crazy too! I finally started and the chapter was moving along sluggishly. Then the lady in the room started making phone calls and talking to every child she had. Finally she quit talking and I resumed ‘thinking’ about what to write.
          I made the mistake of allowing myself to get distracted…by talking to the woman. Just one simple thing I said and she was talking for a good twenty minutes. Finally she left and I had the room to myself. The chapter was moving along now and I was feeling okay with it. Then I stopped.
          Now I know that we shouldn’t allow the inner critic come out and we should never start editing and I don’t think that’s what I did. However I did go back to the very beginning and just read the first paragraph over again. Then I wrote a new beginning for it…added three full paragraphs to it and felt better with my character development. Then I went back to where I left off and was able to find a solid closing to the chapter that I liked.

         I had to do some grocery shopping, get home, and see my kids from the school bus. I did manage to get another chapter wrote. YAY! GO ME! This chapter came out much easier. This chapter however revealed to me one of my characters wants to be a ‘bigger’ character. This is problematic for me because it entails me having to change my storyline. I am struggling with this.
          My issue is whether to listen to my character and give him the role he wants or stick with what I’ve already lined out. My fear is that I tend to make my storylines more complex than it starts out. I don’t want to make it more complicated but I also want to write the story that’s inside me. Do I hold to the saying "Keep It Simple?"

          I continued to think on that. I had church tonight and still, my guy is screaming to give him a bigger role. So I  tinkered around with my pen and paper after the service to see how things might go. I've still yet to decide. And its irritating!


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