Monday, November 5, 2012

Let The Little Business People Grow Up!!!

By: Michala T.
The holidays are coming. I hate getting people gift cards but shopping for the people I love can sometimes be so very complicated. I think buying gift cards is such a cop-out. And how many of those gift cards go unused, remaining hidden away somewhere in a wallet or a purse or a mess drawer?

But there are so many ways you can find unique and awesome gifts for your friends and family. And you can support the people you care about. Don’t go to the friggin’ malls and department stores for over-priced unoriginal ideas.

Most people think multi-level-marketing is total scams. But why do people believe that? What is it that you think of when you come across someone who invites you to a party that you ‘assume’ is just another MLM ‘scam’? I’m sure there are plenty of things one needs to be leery of, don’t get me wrong. However there are plenty of very real and very legit companies that help men and women make their dreams and goals a very real thing. They can make their own hours, work their own business, and succeed without someone bossing them. Aren’t you just a little envious?

Avon has been around for so long that people know and respect it. I mean I remember when I was seven and a woman would come to our apartment. She had this big beehive of a hairdo on her head. LOL She came every month selling her Avon.

And then there is Mary Kay. People now respect this company as well. I can recall going to a party with my mother when I was a teenager. They had a drawing and I won some lipstick. It was the very first time I’d ever won something in my life. Haha…so of course it stuck in my head.

So why is Avon and Mary Kay respectable but the many other kinds of businesses that are just like these not so favorable? They are growing and more widely known but there are still people everywhere, especially on the west coast that have never heard of these companies or choose not to do business with them.

I’m not asking that you start your own business. I am asking that you support the people that do run these businesses. They are legit. They are very much like the people who buy into a Subway or McDonalds franchise. Yes, some of the money they make goes to the bigger person but they are making a living, supporting their families, and building their retirement fund with these companies!

Take a look at just a few of them. If you don’t trust them, make a small purchase to see the quality or talk to a professional who can let you see and hold the merchandise. Then find that perfect gift for that special someone!
Lisa's Jewery From Paparazzi Accessories -Don't pay the overpriced fees of mall and department store fees for jewelrey! Get it here!!!
Brittany's Thirty-One Page - I sold 31 and love their products. I no longer sell because life just opened up more doors that I couldn't turn away from. I'll say this...their catalogs do not do their products proper justice! LOVE IT ALL!
National Avon Page -Their catalogs have grown and they have so much more than what they began with. And still...I always turn to their lotions and their eye make-up. Fantastic stuff.
Scentsy - Who doesn't love the rich intoxicating smells of awesome candles. Don't pass it up!
Other personal hand made products:
Sassy Chic Boutique -A mom who knows stylish living and spreads it around. Support her...she's worth it! And you'll love the individuality of the product!
Ordinary Artists- Unique creations and 'home- grown' Support the little people :)
Favorite Stores
Red Envelope -I found this site years ago and love browsing through their clearance section. Sometimes however I'll find something that I can't do without and pay full price. Very good stuff to be found here!
Bare Minerals - My skin is very sensitive and both my daughter and I LOVE this stuff. We only buy the basics foundation and I use the redness reducer as well as the two facial cleanser products. Totally worth it!

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