Monday, November 19, 2012

Kill Your Productivity in 5 Easy Steps

By Michala T.

1.     Let hesitation rule you!

Whether you are starting a new novel, a new line of a poem, or even a new chapter in your autobiography you are likely going to meet the buzzkill named Hesitation. He knocks on your door and there goes all your potential creativity…all your productivity is stalled. And hesitation comes in many forms: planning, outlining, researching, reviewing feedback, or editing & proofreading your previous work.

2.     Dream BIG, Work BIG!

Dreaming big is great. Unfortunately those BIG dreams require SMALL baby steps. You need to scale down your BIG ideas to SMALL, executable concepts.  Once you have a solid outline of your SMALL steps you can easily see yourself making strides towards that BIG dream. Revisit your SMALL steps and make regular changes as you progress.

3.     Attempt to do it all in one sitting.

Any project requires serious creative mo-jo and maintaining momentum is a hard thing to do. It’s exactly that reason people attempt to get it all done in one day or one month or even one hour. The problem sets in when your momentum begins to dwindle. The best way to curb this from happening is to make the project a routine project. Do a little every day, or even a lot every day. But it must be a routine because your brain gets used to this routine and goes into that space where it begins creating the mo-jo needed to do what it is you are trying to get done. This also makes your project more manageable.

4.     Say YES to everyone!

Whether you are a boss of your own web-based company, a mother of four, or a part-time freelance writer, EVERYBODY has people who come to them asking for something. “Can you write this 300 word article?” “Can you make cupcakes for the spirit drive this weekend?” “Can you reschedule the meeting and send the memo to everybody under the Orion’s Constellation?” Learn to say no! How important is your project? If you continue saying yes to everybody you are only saying NO to yourself that many times!! It’s great to help people and to give of yourself but you can’t ALWAYS do that and still manage to give to yourself too. Say NO. And then say, “I’ll help out on the next one.” Or “I can’t do that but I know someone else you might want to ask.” Let someone else say YES for a change. And if they don’t, don’t feel guilty. Your project is important. Say Yes to it for a change.

5.     Stick to the Rules!

Sometimes the rules are made to be broken. YOU know YOU better than any self-help book, any blogger with tips, and any published writer with the ‘how to score big’ book out there. Breaking routines, habits, and going off the road most taken is sometimes going to be exactly what you need to help recharge those batteries and get back into the action.

So what do you do that ruins your productivity?

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