Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Into the Madness: My Top 5 Situations

By JccKeith

For all of you who read that title wrong, this is not my top five positions.  No, this little post is a list of my current top five situations in which I find myself writing most often.  As I wrote previously, I do write most of my stories in my head when there is usually something else going on around me.  Unfortunately, having signed up to write 50,000 words in one month, I find I must write more often than I normally would.

This brings me to the title.  There are times when I feel like writing, which occur less frequently than I would like.  Then there are times when I force myself to sit down and write.  Those are the times when I catch up on my favorite television shows I haven't watched in a while.  Like Miami Vice, I mean, when Miami Vice is on Netflix, how can I really be expected to focus on writing?  And Spongebob Squarepants, who can resist rewatching every episode at least a dozen times?

Needless to say, the whole forcing myself to sit down and write, doesn't work out so well for me.  So I find myself writing when I can, whenever that may be.  It is most unusual.  So for your amusement, I thought I might list my top 5 writing situations right now:

  • 1. While my husband plays Halo4 in the same room and the sights and sounds of the game are so annoying as to drive me insane if I don't focus on something else - like writing.

Not There Yet

  • 2. While my kids are tearing through the house, making messes, chasing each other and generally running amuck - and if I don't focus on something else, like writing, I might just go insane.

  • 3. While my kids are watching Johnny Test or Ed, Ed and Eddy or some other mind numbingly stupid program that if I were not to focus on something else, like writing, I might go insane.

  • 4. While I have so many other things to do or clean or take care of that if I were to do them, rather than spend time writing, I might just go insane.

  • 5. While I watch sci-fi shows I have seen each episode of at least a dozen times - because, well, that just never gets old.  I write best when my mind is distracted with other things.  

So there you have it, what drives me to write recently.  It would seem that were I not consistently on the verge of going insane, I might never write at all.

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