Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Feel So Left Out Sometimes

11.6.2012 by Michala T.

I sat down today and had only a vague idea of what I might want to write for chapter six. I really wasn’t feeling it truthfully. So I told myself I would allow for maybe fifteen minutes to jot some notes towards the outline that I continue to try to work from (even though that is no longer the story I am writing.) But it’s all cool, I’m just trying to get some ideas, you know?

So I write down some similar notes from the outline. Going shopping, site seeing, beach, blast from the past.

These notes were on the old outline…and I try to pretty them up by rewording them a little bit, rearranging them some, and more or less leaving it the same. LOL What a waste of time, right? But if that’s the chapter that I’m going to write then that’s what it’s going to be. I mean, it must be what I need to write if I’m just writing it and rewriting it in my notes, yes?


I crack open Microsoft Word Document and type the words Chapter Six.

Then I begin typing away. There is no shopping. She’s not even anywhere near the person I’d planned for her to be with in the chapter. Nope…

And once again, proof positive that the characters are in charge. Jessica spends her chapter walking the beach with a dead guy. Um…hello? Hey Jessica….were you ever going to tell me about any of this?

Does she make it to the grocery store? Does she meet the blast from ‘his’ past that will lead her to some new revelations? Nope.

She ends up in the bathroom, letting the cold shower run while she is crying on the toilet.

Sigh…I feel so left out sometimes. But at least it was progress. A great amount too. My word count was over 2000.  I shouldn’t be complaining I suppose. It’s just every darn time I go into the chapter I wish I had a better idea of where I was going. At this point I’ll just be grateful to get to ‘the end’ with my word count at least 50K.

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  1. Hmmm...I have some ground to make up, you made good progress. But I ain't tellin' you my word count tonight, darnit!! I'm totally going to beat you this time.

    Right after I vote. EVERYONE GO VOTE TODAY!! :)