Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hijackers: Who Needs Em'

By JccKeith

Hannibal: I looked it up
“I love it when a plan comes together.” – I’m pretty sure the white haired guy on the A-team used to say that all the time.  I’d look up his name but my internet connection is not working right now on the laptop and it really doesn’t matter.  I like the line and I like saying the line.  Unfortunately for me, my plans never seem to quite work out the way they were supposed to.  So I rarely get to say it.

You see, I had this great story all planned out in my head.  It was all neat and tidy, characters did what they were supposed to and things wrapped up in a most convenient manner.  Then I was writing a chapter last night and this guy decided to hijack the story.

He came out of nowhere. I hadn’t even thought of him until that very moment, this detective.  In my head, in my story line that is, he didn’t even have a name.  He was just part of the general police department looking into a missing person report. 

Then I started typing in his part and he just suddenly comes to life.  I could clearly see him in my mind and then I gave him a name.  Totally hijacked the whole chapter, this guy.  Now he even has a partner and they have a somewhat substantial role in the story.  This detective even has a bit of a history.

So much for my plan.  So much for my simple story line coming together all nice and neat.  I’d like to say I could just toss this guy out on his behind and keep on with the original story but I can’t.  Characters, good ones, are like that.  Once they pop up in your head you can’t get rid of them.  They work their way in, claw their way into the story and you just can’t seem to get rid of them.  There’s no going back once you’ve been hijacked.

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  1. Girl...I SO know how you feel. My hijacker...hwouldn't shut the hell up until I did what he wanted me to do in the story.